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‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner, Wife Christine Honored With Legacy Award at OmniPeace Foundation

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Yellowstone” fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Kevin Costner as John Dutton in the series’ upcoming season five. Meanwhile, Costner and his wife Christine have contributed to philanthropic efforts with the OmniPeace Foundation. For that, the organization’s founder presented them with the Legacy Award Tuesday night.

OmniPeace’s founder, Mary Fanaro, presented Kevin and Christine Costner with the Legacy Award. During the event, she spoke of their support of the charitable organization. She then shared the reasons why they received the honor Tuesday evening.

“I would go up to their house on the weekends,” she explained, “when all of this was churning and I was sure that they would look at me like I was crazy, like ‘what’s going on, what party do we have to go to next, what T-shirt do we have to put on next?”

As we might expect from the beloved “Yellowstone” actor, Kevin Costner and his wife Christine happen to be good sports. Of her friends, Fanaro continued, “But they believed in me, they never stopped believing in me, and sometimes when you’re trying to make a difference it’s the people that believe in you that make all the difference in the world.”

She concluded her speech with, “That is why they’re getting the award tonight.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the OmniPeace Foundation is a nonprofit organization that builds schools in Africa. So far, OmniPeace, headed by Fanaro, has established nine schools and four different African countries: Senegal, Mali, Malawi, and Rwanda. In addition, the organization has aided in educating more than 30,000 children in extreme poverty.

Kevin Costner Accepts Honor with Light-Hearted Joke

“Yellowstone” is surely one of Kevin Costner’s crowning achievements as an actor. However, receiving the Legacy Award surely speaks volumes to his and his wife’s charitable endeavors.

Nevertheless, the John Dutton actor shared a light-hearted joke as he and his wife accepted the Legacy Award. In speaking to Fanaro’s philanthropic efforts, he said, “Mary’s probably the most expensive friend we have,” adding, “she’s forced us in her own way to care about what she cares about and that’s the nature of friendship.”

Nevertheless, Kevin and Christine Costner expressed profound pride in their friend.

“I’m sure Mary had a long list of who have helped her and we happened to be on it, so that feels good,” Kevin Costner said.

He added, “To see this steady transformation that happened to our friend who started to leave the continent to a place she didn’t know, coming back a fuller and fuller person…when you see a transformation in someone it’s amazing and makes me want to know what that’s about.”

Christine Costner said, “Mary has had some challenges, she’s sober and she’s had stage three ovarian cancer and beat that and she’s beat all odds.”

The “Yellowstone” star’s partner continued, “she’s just so committed, it’s really become a calling for her. She wakes up thinking about [OmniPeace] everyday.”