‘Yellowstone’: Lainey Wilson Reveals Kelly Reilly’s Reaction to Her First Scene

by Blake Ells

Lainey Wilson is coming to Yellowstone. After performing music during last season’s finale, creator Taylor Sheridan liked what he saw from the country music singer. So he wrote her into the show. She’ll make her debut this fall when the fifth season debuts on November 13. She spoke to CMT about her experience on set. She says that acting is “scary.”

“I’m completely new to all of this,” she said. “I feel like a fish out of water.”

But one of the show’s veterans, Kelly Reilly, helped ease her fears.

“On the first episode when we were filming, Kelly Reilly told me, ‘Had you not told me that this was your first time, I’d been thinking you’d been doing it forever,'” she said. “I took that as a compliment. I mean, she’s one of the best actresseses in the entire world.”

She admits that learning lyrics to songs that she didn’t write is challenging enough for her, so learning lines is an entirely different difficulty. She’s been working with an acting coach in Nashville. She hopes to be able to be herself on screen.

“I can’t just learn my lines,” she said. “There’s got to be an emotion that’s connected to it. I have to be in the moment. So if I’m reading lines back and forth, I need it to sound just like me and you were having a conversation. That’s really hard, but I love it. I’m having a lot of fun.”

Lainey Wilson Heads to ‘Yellowstone’ While She’s Hot

Adding the Yellowstone job to her schedule is daunting. She’s still touring aggressively and releasing new music along the way. But she says that she had to continue setting new bars for her to reach.

“If I’m not doing things that are a little bit uncomfortable, I wouldn’t be growing,” she said.

Lainey Wilson was a fan of Yellowstone long before she joined the cast. She revealed that the series reminded her of home. The Louisiana native grew up on a ranch and she’s referred to her ailing father as “her cowboy.” She just dropped a new single title “Watermelon Moonshine,” and she set a date for a brand new record.

“I always say that the music that I put out there, especially the singles, I want it to mean something,” she tells CMT. “I think there’s a time and a place for feel good. But at the end of the day, I feel like my job is to make people feel like they’re not alone.”

Lainey Wilson is on the road throughout the fall. She’ll perform at the ACM Honors on August 24 at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Check out her entire schedule and get ticket information at her website.