‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes Dives Deep in to Taylor Sheridan’s Cowboy Camp

by Blake Ells

Luke Grimes and his castmates from Yellowstone have learned a lot about how to live like cowboys. Grimes and other members of the cast sat down with The Hollywood Reporter recently. They discussed how much they have learned from Taylor Sheridan and the crew about authenticity.

“As actors, we’re not gonna ever know as much as they know,” he said. “They’ve been very helpful and really patient with us.”

Grimes then mentioned their annual “cowboy camp.” It’s a session where the knowledgeable crew shows the cast the ropes. Grimes was among cast members that began work on Yellowstone without knowing much about the Western way of life.

“It’s been different every year, right?” Grimes said of the annual camp. “I mean, year one was a mule packing trip. And I think they were like, ‘Let’s never do that again.’ Because they almost didn’t get us back. You know, it’s just always different. You never know what to expect. Sort of like this job, you never know what to expect. But it’s always a good time.”

The cast members on hand for the interview had a good laugh over that mule packing trip.

“The point is to A, learn,” he said. “Get better, mess up, figure out what you’re doing. And B, sort of just have that camaraderie and get everybody sort of on the same page. It’s like, to have the experience that I’ve had on this job is priceless. I feel very lucky.”

Critics Are Catching Up to ‘Yellowstone’

The interview with The Hollywood Reporter is just one of many. It took a while, but critics are catching up to the massive appeal of Taylor Sheridan’s universe. Cole Hauser talked about that phenomenon recently.

“I’ll start by saying this, the show- entirely – has been very successful since the beginning. Since year one,” Hauser said. “I think, interestingly enough, because of what the show’s about, and Taylor’s style of writing and characters, and this sort of storytelling over time, it’s grown out to the edges of America.”

He noted that loyal fans are the reason the show has achieved its success. It just took a while for the critics to come around.

“It’s simply that the critics in Hollywood and New York – finally with the numbers we’ve created – they have to recognize them,” he said. “They have to take notice.”

Paramount Believes in Taylor Sheridan

Hollywood and New York aren’t the only folks taking notice. Paramount has given Sheridan the keys to the kingdom. In addition to Yellowstone and its first spinoff, 1883, he has 1923 on the way. There’s also the Sylvester Stallone mob series Tulsa King. Sheridan also created a series for Paramount+ about a CIA unit called Lioness. He wasn’t going to do all the work, but after some conflict in the writers room with the original showrunner, Sheridan has taken over. Maybe Hollywood and New York have their eyes peeled now.