’Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes on Harvesting Animals on His Montana Property: ‘Dream Come True’

by Taylor Cunningham

Yellowstone star Luke Grimes is experiencing life like Kayce Dutton while living on his new Montana ranch. And he’s taking full advantage of the land.

During the COVID pandemic, Luke and his wife, Bianca, whom he married in 2018, decided to mix things up. The couple had been living in L.A. at the time but knew they needed a change. So they bought an Airstream camper and began visiting all U.S. National Parks.

Luke told his wife that if she saw someplace she liked, he’d consider moving there. And, the moment they pulled into the Treasure State, she knew that had to be their new home, and Luke agreed.

Luke Grimes has been loving his new, more peaceful life away from Hollywood. But he does miss a few of the city conveniences—like ordering groceries or Postmates. However, he’s found a way of working around the problem. He takes matters into his own hands and hunts for his dinners.

“Being able to harvest animals in my own backyard is a dream come true,” the star told Country Living. “I’ve been deer hunting since I was tiny, and there’s a ton of deer on my property. We eat a lot of venison, which ends up being Bolognese, chili, or steak. If you’re vegan, I totally understand, but I do eat meat and I think this is probably the most ethical way.”

The ‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Second Favorite Spot Looks Out of this World

While choosing to lay roots in Montana came naturally for Luke and Bianca, the journey there will remain etched in their memories. The couple spent two months driving around the country, living out of their “retro” looking camper. And the Yellowstone star admitted that there was something magical about the experience.

“The best part of Airstream-ing is waking up in the morning somewhere completely different than where you woke up the day before. It’s always exciting starting the day from a neutral place,” Grimes gushed.

On the road to their new home state, Luke and Bianca visited dozens of the country’s 63 National Parks. And the actor saw something beautiful in all of them. But aside from Montana’s Yellowstone, he was fascinated by Utah’s Zion National Park.

“All of our national parks are special in their own way,” he shared with the publications. “As far as favorites, some of the coolest hikes I’ve done have been in Zion. It’s like you took Yosemite and put it on Mars. Everything’s red.”