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‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Reveals How Kayce is Handling Being Shot and Nearly Killed

by John Jamison
Paramount Press Room

Remember Kayce Dutton’s split-second desk flip, flashbang, and two-tap takedown of his office attackers in the Season 4 Yellowstone premiere? Yeah, the man ain’t messin’ around. He gave us quite the scare toward the end of that wild highway gunfight, taking a shot to the gut. But what’s a bullet to a frogman?

Luke Grimes, the actor behind Yellowstone’s retired Navy SEAL and livestock commissioner, credits his character’s ability to cope with that military experience he put on full display. After all, Kayce Dutton has seen far worse than a gunshot in combat. We even got a glimpse into that haunted past when he recalled his fateful mission in Pakistan.

And when asked about Kayce’s response to the near-death situation at the beginning of Season 4, Luke Grimes answered to that effect.

“I think he’s moved past it. Having been a Navy SEAL and been at war, I think maybe that we’re supposed to just gather that he’s seen a lot of that stuff, he’s already been dealing with that kind of stuff and near-death experiences and all that before,” Grimes told TV Insider recently.

Besides, Kayce’s got a lot more on his mind than his own wounds. His family nearly died, the whole family, not just Monica and Tate. The Duttons were very nearly wiped out entirely. So no, Kayce Dutton isn’t scarred by his own near-death like he is about his family’s.

A Very Dim Light at the End of Kayce Dutton’s Tunnel

Topping Kayce’s list of concerns are Monica and Tate. His wife has been wary about putting herself and Tate within reach of the Dutton tornado since the beginning of Yellowstone. And she’s been right to think that way. Let’s be honest, as much as we love ’em, the family is a mess.

Now, after barely surviving an attack on the ranch, she’s completely fed up. And we don’t blame her. Kayce gets it too. Like Jamie, Kayce is split between two families. If he didn’t choose to join Monica and Tate, he’d lose them altogether.

So Kayce, Monica and Tate are all in this post-traumatic boat together now. And while we wouldn’t wish a tragic situation like this on anyone, it may be precisely what Kayce needs to work through his deep-seated demons.

“There’s a moment at the end of the season where I think we really see him dealing with his demons in a way that he hasn’t before. I don’t think I could say much more than that, but it was a really important moment for this character’s journey and for me to play him where you see that maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel, at least emotionally for him,” Luke Grimes continued in the interview.