‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes & Kelsey Asbille Discuss Kayce & Monica Ahead of Season 5

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

While promoting the fifth season of Yellowstone, Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille discuss Kayce and Monica’s relationship. 

In the promotional behind-the-scene video, the Yellowstone stars reflect on the relationship between their two characters. “In Kayce’s mind, it’s like, ‘Okay, my dad’s the governor now,’” Grimes explained. “He’s always been a big deal. I guess that’s a big deal too, but there’s nothing more important to [Kayce] than his family and his wife.” 

Asbille then spoke about how Kayce and Monica are getting ready to expand their family. “They’ve got their second child on the way and all the dreams and hopes that come with that.”

Meanwhile, Grimes spoke about how the upcoming season is going to keep the same quality as the other seasons. “Now there’s just a fire under all of us to maintain that quality,” he explained. Asbille chimed in and said, “It’s so exciting. Our seasons get better and better.”

Kelsey Asbille Talks About How ‘Yellowstone’ Talks About Indigenous Rights & the Violence Against the Community 

During a January 2022 interview with Esquire, Kelsey Asbille spoke about how Yellowstone brings to light the rights of the indigenous community as well as the violence towards it. 

“It’s something that I’m really proud of,” the Yellowstone actress shared. “Like, we were talking about being mixed race… It feels really alienating at times. You have this permanent identity crisis going on in your head. So for me, it was a way to connect to that part of who I am through stories and especially… You’re working alongside Mo, Grimes, Kelly, and Gil Birmingham. They have been just really important people in my life.”

Asbille also spoke about how she believes Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan that social change comes through the arts. “ In terms of creating a meaningful conversation and that goes for, I think, our native viewers and our non-native viewers.”

Further speaking about Monica’s life being on the line once during each season, the Yellowstone cast mate shared, “I think that’s a recurring theme in everything I do with Taylor. When I found out Monica was pregnant [this season], I was like, ‘No! This is very dangerous.’ Especially for Kayce, Monica and Tate are his stakes. He loses his soul without them, in a way.”

However, Asbille says she is excited for the family to be welcoming another child. “ I hope things go well. I do like though that Taylor already knows the ending and we’re slowly inching towards that. We’re going to hopefully end it with a bang.”

In regards to Yellowstone’s growing popularity through the years, Asbille added, “I only knew people were watching the show when I’d go home [to South Carolina] at first. It was a real difference to when I’d come back to New York and now, I’m starting to see that bleed over in a really crazy way that I don’t really know how to make sense of.”