‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes ‘Made a Tape and Started Praying’ For Kayce Dutton Role

by Blake Ells

Luke Grimes portrays Kayce Dutton on Yellowstone. Kayce is a former US Navy Seal and the youngest son of John and Evelyn Dutton. Prior to landing the role, the 38-year-old actor was best known for roles in American Sniper and the Fifty Shades films. Grimes knew that portraying Kayce was the opportunity of a lifetime.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Grimes joined castmates to discuss the show’s immense popularity. He says that he started with the “normal channels.” His agent handed him a script. It was a Taylor Sheridan script. He knew it’d be good.

“At that point, I’d seen Sicario and Hell or High Water, and I liked them both a lot,” Grimes said in the interview. “So I was immediately excited. I already knew I’d probably like it. Obviously, I read the story and these characters, you know, for me, especially Kayce – I just kind of fell in love with all of it immediately.”

Grimes knew that he had to have the role and he didn’t delay.

“I went and made a tape and started praying that I could be a part of it,” he said.

He has been a big part of it. For all 40 episodes.

Kelsey Asbille portrays his wife, “Monica.” Asbille also joined the interview and offered a lot of her own insight. She stopped short of a potential season five spoiler.

Asbille had worked with Sheridan on Wind River. She admits that if he calls her, she’s always going to answer.

Portraying Kayce on ‘Yellowstone’ is a Dream Job

Grimes landed the job that he prayed about. After five seasons as Kayce Dutton, he realizes that it’s a dream job. He spoke with Gold Derby recently and shared his fortune in working with people that he likes and admires.

“I mean it only ever feels like a win-win,” he said. “It is such a dream job in the way that you know that the cast and crew all get along so well. We all love the story we’re telling. We get to shoot it in a beautiful place. So yeah, man. I’m thrilled. Couldn’t be happier.”

In the same conversation, Grimes said that the script his agent handed to him was one of his favorite scripts that he had ever read.

Behind-the-Scenes on Social Media

Social media gives us unprecedented access to celebrities. Things have changed a lot over the years, but the cast of Yellowstone has utilized the platforms better than anyone. Season five production is underway, and we’ve gotten everything from ranch hand selfies to Rodeo Days in Derby.

Luke Grimes is no stranger to giving fans access to his life online, either. He recently shared a photo of himself and his wife on vacation ahead of filming. The man is living.