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‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Plans To Start Country Music Career

by Courtney Blackann
Paramount Press Center

You may best know “Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes as the cowboy Kayce Dutton who’s always battling an inner demon. But the actor recently opened up about some new plans. And that may be more in tune with co-star Ryan Bingham as he pursues a career in country music.

Recently, during an interview with Rolling Stone, the “Yellowstone’ actor opened up about sharing his music in a more public space.

What fans of the show may be surprised to learn is that Grimes is already musically inclined. He was once a drummer for a Los Angeles-based band and is now looking to add solo artist to that list of accomplishments. The actor says he’s already begun writing some country music which is set to release this year.

Luke Grimes Discusses Musical Influences

“It was around that time when the alt-country thing was really going on. Wilco and Ryan Adams were really big then and we were kind of like that,” Grimes says.

He goes on to add that:

“I played guitar too and helped write songs for the band, so I got to be more than a drummer. It was a cool experience.”

Working with a management team which includes Midland, Hailey Whitters and even Walker himself (Ryan Bingham), Grimes has begun the process of creating something really special and meaningful to himself as an artist.

Further, the “Yellowstone” actor credits country music artist Colter Wall with his musical insights for this new creation. He also drew inspiration from legends Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard.

“I hate this word, but the ‘secular’ music that I was allowed to listen to as a kid was Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. That’s the stuff my dad grew up on in the Appalachian Mountains. When he didn’t have to be a pastor, he was playing that sort of folk and country-rock. We have a record player system in our house and Colter’s sitting right there next to it,” Grimes shared.

Kayce Goes Searching for Himself in Latest “Yellowstone” Season

While Grimes may be finding himself with music this year, his “Yellowstone” character Kayce is finding himself in a different way. He’s fully immersed himself into a vision question in tune with his wife’s Native American culture.

Removed from the other Duttons, Kayce decides to find his true mission while taking a days-long vision quest by himself. Among his visions, he finds his brother and the human form of the wolf he’s continually seen throughout the season. He sees an end to him and his wife Monica – which fans are left questioning.

“It’s sort of a really big deal for Kayce to have this moment with his brother…it’s not just there to spook people, you’re watching him deal with his past. The things that torture him the most, you know, obviously his brother’s death is going to be one of those things. And then obviously the Afghanistan stuff. There’s a lot of time, effort, and experience that goes into a scene like that and a credit to Taylor (Sheridan) for really loving that authenticity to putting in that time…,” The “Yellowstone actor says.