‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes’ Post About Season 5 Has Fans Seriously Concerned for Kayce Dutton

by Megan Molseed
Paramount Press Room

Yellowstone fans who tuned in to catch the fifth season premiere of the wildly popular neo-western drama series found little time to relax as the series stayed par for the course, bringing us some intense storylines from the jump. And, while one of the biggest points of drama during last night’s premiere caught many fans way off-guard, one of Yellowstone’s stars gave fans a hint of things to come just before the premiere. And many of these hardcore Yellowstone fans stepped in to react to the post within minutes.

In his Sunday afternoon Instagram post, Yellowstone star Luke Grimes shared a moving – and slightly ominous – image of his character, Kayce Dutton. In the photo, Grimes’s Kayce Dutton, the son of Yellowstone’s patriarch Kevin Costner’s John Dutton as he appears to be forlorn, looking down at the ground, his cowboy hat over his heart.

Luke Grimes then shares a very simple message in his Insta post writing “we’re back…”

This message no doubt brought a sense of concern to Yellowstone fans when were gearing up for the premiere Sunday night premiere. The simple message becomes worrisome when paired with the moving pic of Kayce.

Fans Have A Lot To Say About Grimes’s Insta Pic Ahead Of The Fifth Season Premiere

Now, Yellowstone fans who caught the fifth season premiere of the popular series Sunday night know what Luke Grimes’s Insta post was all about. We will stay away from spoilers here, though. Check out some of the premiere updates to catch up on all the drama before the show hits streaming services.

However, when the pic hit social media this weekend, fans of the series were entirely unaware of what to expect at the start of season five. Many fans commented that Grimes’s pic was giving them chills as they waited.

“Ur hat off and head bowed is making me nervous about this episode,” one fan comments on the ominous Instagram post.

Others didn’t read too much into Kayce’s demeanor in the Insta pic, hoping instead the post was simply a perfectly Yellowstone teaser showing the intensity Kayce brings to the series. An intensity we’ve all grown to adore.

“Cool photo,” another fan of the hit series comments. “Can’t wait for tonight.”

“In all your glory,” notes another Yellowstone watcher of Grimes’s Kayce Dutton.

“Kayce!” exclaims one excited fan. Adding a couple more “Kayce!”‘s before adding a series of five heart emojis sprinkled with a couple of fire emojis.