‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes Reveals What State We’ll Find Kayce in Come Season 5

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Several months have passed since Kayce Dutton foreshadowed “the end of us” during the season four finale of Yellowstone. Still, whether that means the end of the Dutton legacy or the end of Kayce and Monica’s marriage—or something else entirely—we can’t be certain. But with season five set to premiere on November 13th, some of our favorite cast members have finally come forward and teased a little of what we can expect during the season premiere. Kayce actor Luke Grimes revealed of his own Yellowstone character that, despite the melancholy mood during last season’s end, Kayce “almost” seems happy during the premiere.

“When you meet [Kayce in season five],” the Yellowstone star shared with Entertainment Weekly, “he’s off the ranch.”

Fans will remember that toward the end of last season, Kayce, Monica, Tate, and their dog Dog found a new home of their own, on the reservation but larger than the trailer they lived in previously.

More specifically, the actor continued, “He’s sort of almost happy. He seems like he likes his little life on the res with the family.”

Unsurprisingly though, that happiness doesn’t last all that long.

[A]s the story progresses,” Grimes said, “you realize he can’t stay away for too long. Something calls him to take care of that legacy.”

As always, then, the Yellowstone character is stuck at a moral crossroads. Grimes acknowledged that fact too, stating, “In true Kayce fashion, there’s no relief from the sort of rock and a hard place that he’s in between.”

Luke Grimes Praises Taylor Sheridan’s Writing for ‘Yellowstone’

Though Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is consistently putting Luke Grimes’ character in a state of constant conflict, the actor couldn’t help but rave about the producer’s skill for writing.

“Every season [of Yellowstone] has felt incredibly different, ” Grimes insisted during his interview. “I think that’s the beauty of Taylor [Sheridan’s] writing. He knows how to make this show just take every twist and turn it possibly could, and to keep it so fresh. Every year has felt different from the last.”

Speaking of twists and turns, Luke Grimes threw Yellowstone fans a curveball when, amid work for the series’ upcoming season, the beloved actor also shared news of his upcoming country music album.

Grimes, unfortunately, didn’t tease much about his upcoming album like he did the upcoming season of Yellowstone. Nevertheless, it promises to be a success as the Kayce Dutton actor revealed during a previous interview that country music has actually always been a part of his life.

“Church music was the first music in my life,” Grimes revealed a few weeks ago. “My dad was a pastor and I was at church three days a week.” Church music was just the beginning. At home, Grimes explained, “my dad listened to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard—all of those old school outlaw country guys…It’s what got me into country music.”