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‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes Reveals What His Favorite Scene to Film from Season 4 Was

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

It’s been an exciting start to the fourth season of “Yellowstone” and fans of the hit show can’t wait to see what comes next.

Kayce Dutton has been right in the middle of all the season four action and will likely continue to be. After surviving the attack on his life earlier this season, it is off to the races for Kayce. He dispatches the shooters advancing on his office and takes off after the van carrying the men who shot his father, John Dutton. After a short chase, he locates the van and all hell breaks loose. A mass shootout breaks out between the assailants and law enforcement with Kayce right in the middle. He gets the upper hand and kills the attackers but is shot in the abdomen. He survives the gunshot wound and appears to be alright as the season moves forward.

Kayce Dutton actor Luke Grimes spoke to TV Insider recently and talks about what it was like filming the chaotic “Yellowstone” scene. He also calls the hectic scene his favorite scene to film in season four.

“The shootout scene in Episode 1 was an adrenaline rush,” Grimes says. “There was a lot going on there. We got the big car crash and the weapons and everybody running around. I’d never been in a scene that hectic before, and it was actually a lot of fun to try to make happen.”

“Yellowstone” fans seem to agree with Grimes as the first episode of the fourth season drew more than 8 million viewers. The opening sequence from the first episode has fans still buzzing and that is likely to continue for the remainder of the season.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Talks Kayce’s Maturation

A big part of season four so far is the evolution of Luke Grimes’ character, Kayce Dutton. We have seen Kayce’s commitment to his own family grow leaps and bounds this season. It now appears he’s chosen his own family over his demanding father, John Dutton. Seeing the need for healing, Kayce takes Monica and Tate away from “Yellowstone” Ranch, despite knowing it will upset his father. He takes them to the nearby Native American reservation to accelerate the healing process. His move to save his family seems to be paying off as Tate and Monica are in a much better place mentally and emotionally.

“This has been his journey since day one,” Grimes says. “He loves his immediate family more than anything, but he also has loyalty to the Duttons and to that legacy as well. Anytime we see him sort of have any moment of calm or healing, there’s immediately something else that happens that draws him back into the chaos that is his life. What he’s trying to do is just make one decision at a time, take it day by day.”