‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Lands Starring Role in New Netflix Movie

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes has another project lined up, and it is Outsider-friendly subject matter. The Kayce Dutton actor is starring in the Netflix film “Happiness for Beginners” alongside Ellie Kemper, Nico Santos and Blythe Danner.

The movie is adapted from a novel by Katherine Center, per The Hollywood Reporter. It follows a divorcee (Kemper) who is struggling with the aftermath of her split from her ex-husband. On a whim, she decides to take a wilderness survival course.

In the wilderness, she meets an irritating single man (Grimes) who just may turn out to be her knight in shining armor.

Vicky Wight wrote the script and will direct the film. Geoff Linville and Berry Meyerowitz are producing.

Luke Grimes Is Keeping Busy

This is not the first side project Grimes has tackled outside of his “Yellowstone” performances. He’s also been cast in the movie “Hello Stranger,” a sci-fi film about artificial intelligence and its attendant ethical dilemmas.

In that film, Grimes will play an android simulant, Evan. When a woman, Faye, acquires Evan to console her over the loss of her recently deceased husband, Evan falls in love with her. She does not reciprocate his feelings, however, and so Evan must try to win Faye over even as he dodges a government agent hunting down androids who have gained consciousness and could threaten humanity.

In a statement, director April Mullen praised Grimes’s acting chops.

“The idea of creating an A.I. simulate to replace a deceased loved one is more probable in our near future than many people would care to consider,” Mullen said, per Deadline. “Bringing this world to life alongside an actor like Luke who instills humanity and depth into every frame of his work is a director’s dream.”

Meanwhile, ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Is Almost Here

Back on the Dutton Ranch, Kayce Dutton (Grimes) was in some hot water by the time the Season 3 finale ended. The character was trapped in his office as a pack of armed intruders stormed in, guns blazing. Kayce took shelter behind his desk, but how long can he hold out? And who was staging the attack?

It’s one of multiple mysteries left unresolved at the end of Season 3. And fans have been at the edge of their seats leading up to Season 4.

The next season of “Yellowstone” premieres Sunday, Nov. 7, exclusively on the Paramount Network. So in just a short while, Kayce fans will get to find out.