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‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes Talks Season 4 Scene With ‘Legend of an Old Cowboy Actor’ Buck Taylor

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

In its fourth season, “Yellowstone” give fans a surprise, bringing in a legendary actor and pairing him with Luke Grimes. In one of season four’s most memorable scenes, we see Kayce handle his business in a way that would make his father proud. Grimes also gets to share the screen with legendary cowboy actor Buck Taylor.

It is safe to say that Taylor made a huge impression on Grimes. In a brief social media clip shared on the “Yellowstone” Instagram page, Grimes talks about what it was like to act alongside one of the greats. The post also gives us a look behind the camera at how the wild “cattle guard” scene came together. Taylor plays Emmet Walsh in this scene, a man in dispute with his neighbor over the use of dangerous cattle guards.

“Buck Taylor, great actor,” Grimes says in the video feature. “Just a legend of an old cowboy actor gets to come back playing Emmett. He’s having trouble with one of his neighbors and I go and try to help him out. The guy I end up running into, Emmett’s neighbor, is just a smarmy and annoying sort of rich guy. Kayce just does not like this guy at all. In a way that sort of teaches him a lesson, he puts the guy in his place. He fixes the problem in a way that only Kayce would.”

“Yellowstone” viewers know what happens next as Kayce pulls open a cattle guard and puts the man underneath and closes it shut.

“If you love your cattle guards so much — why don’t you f****** live in them,” he says as he leaves.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Sees Kayce Dutton Grow

The scene is vintage Kayce Dutton and the addition of Buck Taylor really puts it over the top. “Yellowstone” fans will be talking about the scene for a long time. But we will also be talking about Kayce’s character growth and the amazing work of Luke Grimes.

Through four seasons of “Yellowstone” Kayce has become a more complex character and much of the credit goes to Grimes for creating growth. In the third season, Kayce takes on the role of Montana Livestock Commissioner from his father, John Dutton, who held the position for many years. Like his father, Kayce has his own way of dealing with things.

The biggest step in Kayce’s maturation comes early in season four. Sensing his young family is in pain after the attack on “Yellowstone” Ranch, he makes the tough decision to leave. Kayce, Monica and Tate relocate to the Native American Reservation, where they begin to heal.

The now happy family will soon have a new addition as Monica reveals to her husband and son that she is pregnant.