‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes Declares Who Kayce Would Pick Between John, Beth or Jamie

by Chris Haney

During a recent interview, Yellowstone actor Luke Grimes opened up about the newest season of the hit show and revealed who he would side with if he had to between his father, sister, and brother.

Yellowstone fans had to wait patiently for the delayed premiere of Season 4. That was easier said than done, especially considering the third season’s explosive ending. The entire Dutton family came under attack, but they’re finally getting to the bottom of it all in the new season.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family are searching for answers as they try to find out who’s responsible. Kayce continues to help his father figure out if his brother Jamie is involved, and per usual Beth still just wants to kill him. While speaking to TV Insider recently, Grimes shared his thoughts on his complex relationship with Jamie.

“Kayce’s a benefit of the doubt kind of guy, especially when it comes to Jamie. Obviously he can see on the surface, there’s evil, there’s bad, there’s darkness within a lot of his family members and the world that he lives in. But he’s always trying to see the good and that’s something I really love about Kayce. He tries to operate out of love, and I think he has a lot of love for Jamie. It would take a whole lot for him to lose that or for him to treat him any other way,” the Yellowstone actor explained.

When asked to choose between his family members, Grimes said he’d stand by his dad if push came to shove.

“He knows that there’s probably a wisdom to his father that Jamie and Beth don’t possess. And he ultimately would want to do right by his father, as long as that aligned with what’s in his heart,” he added.

‘Yellowstone’ Actors Luke Grimes and Wes Bentley Talk About Jamie and Kayce’s Complex Relationship

Following last week’s episode, Yellowstone actors Luke Grimes (Kayce) and Wes Bentley (Jamie) spoke about the show. The hit Paramount series shared their weekly “Behind the Story” on Episode 4 to their official Twitter account. The two actors each touched on the moment the two estranged brothers shared in Jamie’s office that shows their love for each other isn’t gone.

“The relationship between Kayce and Jamie is really intriguing,” Wes Bentley shared. “They always kind of reconnect in the moment where you might feel like Jamie doesn’t have any connection to anybody. But then you get these moments with Kayce that remind you, ‘Oh, these guys are really brotherly.'”

Grimes chimed in with similar thoughts on their relationship. As much tension lies within the Dutton family on Yellowstone, the pair share a certain understanding within one another. Regardless of what happens, there’s still love between the two men.

“There are not many relationships in the show like it,” Grimes said of the two characters. “You know, there’s so much tension, and there’s sort of some relief with those two. They seem to really have an understanding and a deep love for each other. He’s always going to be his brother in his heart.”