‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes’ Wife Stuns in Gorgeous New Mountainside Pics

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

While enjoying the beautiful snowy weather, Yellowstone star Luke Grimes’ wife shares some snapshots of her latest mountain adventure. 

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” Luke Grimes’ wife declared. She is seen standing in front of beautiful mountain views with snow around her.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone actor Luke Grimes announced late last week his new partnership with Stetson. “Excited to announce my partnership with Stetson,” Grimes declared in his latest Instagram post. “A brand that has been a part of my life from a young age and part of the fabric of Americana for a very long time. I’m proud of the new face of Stetson Fragrances.” 

Stetson also announced the exciting new collaboration with Luke Grimes. “Four decades after the debut of our iconic men’s fragrance, the next generation of Stetson Man is ready to saddle up.”

“[Grimes] embodies a new, sensitive masculinity very relevant in America today,” Scent Beauty, Inc. CEO Steve Mormoris further shared in a statement. “His love of the outdoors, and connection to the American West, as well as his superb acting and musical talents, make him a perfect spokesperson for Stetson.”

Along with the partnership, Luke Grimes is preparing for the fifth season of Yellowstone. The new season will premiere in mid-November.

Luke Grimes Shares That Before ‘Yellowstone’ He Never How the Cowboy Style 

During a recent interview with Gear Patrol, Yellowstone star Luke Grimes spoke about his sense of fashion and what article of clothing is important to him. 

“So, a pair of really good-fitting jeans — that’s a staple to my wardrobe,” Luke Grimes explained. “I wear jeans every single day and a good pair of boots. Like I said before, it wouldn’t have been cowboy boots, but now it is. And then, some good T-shirts, flannels, and jackets.”

However, Luke Grimes stated that he never had the cowboy style before Yellowstone. “It was always sort of rural and blue collar. It would be hard to tell that if you go back and look at like old photoshoots or red carpets because obviously, that’s not what I’m wearing. But if you would have ever just seen me walking around that was sort of my look anyway. So, it’s always been a sort of classic sort of masculine sort of blue-collar vibe.”

In regards to working with Stetson, Luke Grimes said that the brand was always a household name growing up in southern Ohio. “It was always around: my dad wore Stetson cologne growing up, so I knew the smell. Smells really bring back memories for me, and so that one certainly does. And it’s just a name that you hear in rural America from the time you’re tiny, so I knew the brand.”