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‘Yellowstone’ TV Marathon Wraps Season 1: Here’s the Highest Rated Episode

by Evan Reier
(Paramount Press Site)

With a full three seasons behind us, it’s easy to forget just how dang good Yellowstone was in Season 1. Somewhat overshadowed by the following seasons, Season 1 seems almost casual and low-key in retrospect.

Before the Beck brothers, before Roarke Morris, we were just learning about the Dutton Ranch and the dark side of the family. Whether it was being smitten by the intense Beth Dutton or figuring out what Dan Jenkins’ plans were, the early developments captivated audiences.

Now, things have drastically changed for the Duttons. The stakes have never been higher, and the situation has never been worse before Season 4’s release. Like us, Paramount was also eager to relive the Yellowstone journey. They did so with an epic Kevin Costner marathon over Valentine’s Day weekend.

The marathon featured all three seasons of Yellowstone and two of Costner’s feature films, Draft Day and The Guardian. Don’t get us wrong, the movies are a nice add. But everybody knows that John Dutton was the reason to tune in.

With further reflection and the context of the marathon, your pals at Outsider figured it be a good time to break down the highest-rated episode of Yellowstone Season 1.

Highest-Rated Yellowstone Season 1 Episode(s)

Some people may get mad at us, but we’re actually going to talk about two episodes here because it’s a tight race. It helps that the two episodes are also connected.

That’s right. Per IMDB, the highest-rated episode of Yellowstone Season 1 belongs to the season finale, “The Unravelling: Part 2.” The ninth episode of the series clocked in at a 8.7, with “The Unravelling: Part 1” registering a 8.6.

Like the majority of Season 1, the two episodes continue to ramp-up the intensity as pressure from all sides fall on the Duttons. Selling the ranch, Jamie being fired, John being investigated… It all comes to a head in Season 1’s final two episodes.

With all that, it only makes sense that the last two episodes are rated the highest. This is especially the case considering that there isn’t really a happy ending to Season 1.

Yellowstone rarely has “happy endings,” but it’s clear in Episodes 8 and 9 that, while things are mitigated for the moment, they are not solved.

Jamie is still pushing forward with his career. Dan Jenkins was dealt with, but not for good. Credit to Taylor Sheridan and the show. It’s the end of a season, but feels like a springboard into the developments we know and love.