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‘Yellowstone’ Marks One of Show’s Real Cowboys With Awesome Ranch Pic

by Leanne Stahulak

One of “Yellowstone’s” more ambiguous characters just received a birthday shoutout from the show via their official Twitter account.

Even diehard fans might not recognize the name or face of Ethan Lee, a stuntman who appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of “Yellowstone” and only recently became a regular in Season 3. Ethan belongs to the bunkhouse in Season 3, hanging out with the likes of Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards), Jimmy (Jefferson White), and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith).

And apparently, today’s his birthday. The official “Yellowstone” Twitter account wrote, “Wishing Ethan Lee a very happy birthday!” in the post’s caption. The picture they tweeted shows Lee handling a rope on the ranch, looking as cowboy as ever.

Lee’s co-star Bohen also wished him a happy birthday, commenting on the show’s post.

“This dude is the real deal. Strong man, strong family, strong friend. I’m happy to know him. Happy Birthday, Ethan,” Bohen wrote.

Several “Yellowstone” fans chimed in with birthday wishes as well. Although one curious fan questioned, “What character is this on the show?”

Another fan mentioned how Lee specifically works with Kayce in Season 3 as a Livestock Agent. He apparently says the iconic line, “I’ll shoot you where you stand!” during one of the crew’s fights. Some may have thought that Bohen’s character Ryan said the line, but the two look very similar on-screen.

Where else might you have seen the infamous Ethan Lee? Let’s find out.

Here’s the Scoop on Mysterious ‘Yellowstone’ Character Ethan Lee

Apparently, “Yellowstone” star Ethan Lee primarily works as a Hollywood stunt double. But he’s also a real-life cowboy and wrangler, which explains why he fits in so seamlessly with the rest of the characters.

You might’ve seen Lee appear as a stuntman or actor in “Free State of Jones,” “Roots,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “Trailer Park Shark,” “Underground,” and “Claws.”

He doesn’t even have a name in most of those performances. But on “Yellowstone,” they call him Ethan, his name in real life.

Earlier this year, an organization called Double Diamond Equine Services posted a shoutout on their Facebook page to one of their veterinarians. Dr. Brennan Fitzgerald-Lee just so happens to be Ethan Lee’s wife, and also a fellow stunt performer.

“Did you know that Dr. Brennan’s husband (Ethan Lee) is cast on YELLOWSTONE?”  Double Diamond Equine Services said on their Facebook page. “He started out as wrangler/stunt performer on Season 1 and Season 2, and then towards the end of Season 2 and all of Season 3 he is cast as one of the cowboys on the ranch and in the bunkhouse!”

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Ethan Lee in Season 4. Maybe he’ll even get a larger story arc like one of the other ranch hands.