‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Says the Show’s Crew Is Like a Herd of Buffalo

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Mo Brings Plenty has huge respect and appreciation for the crew members who put in the work behind the scenes of the show.

Brings Plenty opened up to his co-star Jefferson White on The Offical Yellowstone Podcast earlier this week. During their conversation, White asked if there was any new knowledge or skills that Brings Plenty picked up during his four seasons on the show. And given how much Brings Plenty already knows about ranching, the star instead focused on the television production side of things.

“You know, there are many aspects to the show that have intrigued me. I would say I love watching the crew,” Brings Plenty revealed. “Every department that’s in the crew is so important. And you see all these moving parts, how they’re able to function. It’s like watching a herd of buffalo move.”

Think about trying to move thousands of those huge creatures across a space. The precision and intuition that goes into those buffalos’ movements, Brings Plenty implies, is very similar to what goes on behind the camera for the “Yellowstone” crew.

“Every single one of them are important,” Brings Plenty repeated. “I look at the camera work and how they set up shots. And I look at not just what Taylor [Sheridan] has written but what he also has visualized through a little screen. And how he’s able to allow us, give us the room and the space to bring to life what he has laid down on a piece of paper.”

Translating a script to a storyboard to a screen is no easy feat, and the “Yellowstone” star recognizes that.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Reveals What He Wants to Learn More About

As an experienced actor, Mo Brings Plenty has been around his fair share of film and TV sets. But “Yellowstone” has been a long-running project, giving him time to appreciate what Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the crew have accomplished.

When talking to Jefferson White on The Official Yellowstone Podcast, Brings Plenty admitted that he wishes he could be on the other side of the camera, at least once, to see how they bring it all together.

“I would love to be able to just sit for a whole season behind [Sheridan and others] and watch how every single one of them direct,” Brings Plenty said. “That’s so amazing to be able to capture spirit into a lens through great camerawork and to be able to direct. Every aspect of it is just amazing to me and all of it’s intriguing.”

The “Yellowstone” star added, “And I’m always open to learning. You can never allow yourself to think that you’re a professional at anything, for me. And so I see myself as like this sponge that I’m just always hungry for knowledge.”