‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Reflects on Death of His Dog, Supporting Young People in New Post

by Chris Haney

On Thursday afternoon, Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty shared a touching post about his beloved dog who passed away earlier this summer.

As the hit drama finally announced its Season 4 premier date (Nov. 7) earlier today, Brings Plenty’s mind was elsewhere. He reminisced about his pet in a heartfelt Instagram post. The rancher revealed a story that began with him speaking about the importance of America’s youth to our future.

“I have always been about supporting our young people, in any and every way that I can. They are the future. They are our longevity as the human race, and that includes all youth, not just our native youth,” he wrote.

The Yellowstone star shared a photo of himself with a young woman and her prize cow at the Johnson County Fair in July. Her heifer’s name is Birdie, and ironically Bring Plenty and his wife’s beloved dog shared the same name.

“Sara Ann and I had had a Birdie too—a dog named Birdie—but the ole gal’s time had come,” he explained. “We had to let her go a few weeks before this event. Our Birdie’s love was SO BIG. But so was her beast mode when someone/thing came around that wasn’t supposed to be there. Heck, she even scared me sometimes, leaving me wonder if I was supposed to be there.”

“That Legacy’s heifer’s name was Birdie wasn’t an accident,” the Yellowstone actor added. “It happened that way so I would think of all the memories Sara Ann and I shared with our Birdie. RIP, Birdie, you are missed.”

‘Yellowstone’ Character Is ‘More Than Just a Driver’

On the hit show Yellowstone, Mo Brings Plenty plays the role of Chief Thomas Rainwater’s (Gil Birmingham) driver and right-hand man. He’s the perfect man for the part hailing from the Lakota Nation. In fact, he was raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

During the first three seasons of Yellowstone, series co-creator Taylor Sheridan has continued to dig deeper into Mo Brings Plenty’s character.

“He’s more than just a driver,” the actor said of his character. “And more than just a bodyguard.”

Birmingham would agree with Brings Plenty’s assessment, but took it a step further. Since Chief Rainwater didn’t grow up on a reservation, Brings Plenty’s character is the Native American “cultural foundation” in the series, not the chief.

“Mo is really kind of the cultural foundation or center,” Birmingham said. “Because Rainwater wasn’t raised on a [reservation]. Mo was. So he carries the values of the culture more immediately in his upbringing. And he helps keep Rainwater grounded that way.”

Mo Brings Plenty is also happy to see his character’s growth throughout the first three seasons. He thinks it’s important for Native people to be viewed in the present and not just the past.

“Normally when people think about us as Native people, they think of us as the past,” Brings Plenty explained. “So it’s good to see that character grow, you know, in that way – as a reminder that we as Native people still exist.”