‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty ‘Fangirls’ Over Meeting Rodeo Star

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone icon Mo Brings Plenty knows a fellow legend when he sees one, which is exactly why he’s “fangirling” over rodeo master Jess Pope.

“You know it’s going to be a good day when it starts with a run into one of the best bareback riders in ProRodeo today — this morning, I “fangirl!” met Jess Pope!” Brings Plenty begins with a laughing emoji on Instagram Friday.

“All kidding aside,” Mo says, Jess Pope is “one helluva bareback rider; the kid’s a badass. If you ever get a chance, look up his bio; he has worked HARD to get here.”

How hard, you ask, Outsiders? “As a boy, he developed a strategy in who he wanted to be as a rider and how he planned to get there. He worked that plan and continues to work it today,” the Yellowstone star continues. “He trains hard to stay fit and in tune so he is the best rider he can be (and is). Like I said, I have mad respect for Jess.”

If you follow Mo’s life and career as enthusiastically as this Outsider, then you know he’s not one to “fangirl” easy, either. To back up his respect for Pope, Brings Plenty offers up a list of “2021 Highlights” for the rodeo pro, to boot. They are:

  • He Won the Oakley Independence Day Rodeo (Oakley City, Utah)
  • Won the Eugene (Ore.) Pro Rodeo Co-champion at Rodeo Rapid City (S.D.)
  • He also won Kansas (Phillipsburg) Biggest Rodeo
  • Won the Edgewood (Iowa) Days PRCA Rodeo
  • Was Co-champion at Fiesta Days Rodeo (Spanish Fork, Utah)
  • Won the Deadwood (S.D.) Days of 76 Rodeo
  • And won the Lawton (Okla.) Rangers Rodeo

Talk about an accomplished young man!

Mo Brings Plenty Lives the ‘Yellowstone’ Life Himself

The respect is undoubtedly mutual, too, as Mo and Jess are two gents of a feather. The Yellowstone star’s own Instagram also features his own accomplishments in the world of rodeo and film.

But the real pleasure is in seeing Mo’s day-to-day life as a rancher. Truly, when is this marvel of a man not working hard? This is simply the reality of “Ranch Life,” however, which Mo affectionately titles many of his posts.

“Earlier this week we started weaning the babies from their mothers — it’s hard, but part of it, part of life,” Brings Plenty offers in another recent update. Included in his gallery is his love, Sara Ann, “moving hay.” It’s a family affair, to be sure, as is any ranch worth preserving. Someone tell John Dutton that.

“We had to patch up a spot by the water; we hauled a hog panel down a pretty big hill today, but we (Sara Ann and I) got the job done!” the Yellowstone icon continues. Indeed, it’s work, work, work for the Brings Plenty family. But something tells us he wouldn’t have it any other way.