‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty is Living the ‘Ranch Life’ in New Photos, Teases Season 4

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We’re only 7 days away from the two-episode premiere of Yellowstone Season 4, and actor Mo Brings Plenty is working as hard as ever in the meantime.

When is this treasure of a man not working hard? Such is the way of “Ranch Life,” the reality Mo Brings Plenty lives – and also the beginning of his latest caption on Instagram.

“Earlier this week we started weaning the babies from their mothers — it’s hard, but part of it, part of life,” Brings Plenty says of his latest update. One of the next shots shows his love “Sara Ann moving hay.”

And it’s all work, work, work, in Mo’s series of Sunday snaps. “We had to patch up a spot by the water; we hauled a hog panel down a pretty big hill today, but we (Sara Ann and I) got the job done!” the Yellowstone icon continues.

Brings Plenty does, however, offer his apologies for the lack of updates of late.

“Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, or at all. I don’t know where October went, but what I do know is from the crack of dawn into the late night hours I have be on the go-go-go!” he extends. This we can plainly see. Harvest season is immensely busy for farmers and ranchers of all kinds. No one expects any different from you, Mo! You’re doing the good work.

Mo Brings Plenty Teases ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

Or, as fan Nora B. puts it: “Love how you and Sara Ann are a team! Can’t wait for Yellowstone to return. Love your posts, Mo!”

Erin B. echoes this with “Awesomeness, continued blessings for ya guys and the ranch life, critters etc ! And cannot wait for Yellowstone!”

And before his post is finished, Mo makes sure to tease the night we’ve all been waiting for.

“Hey! Guess what?! Next Sunday is… Yew knooooow… #Yellowstonetv! Woot! Woot!” he ends his Instagram caption.

That’s right, Yellowstone fans! We’re now officially one week from the two-episode Season 4 premiere. It feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity – but it’s almost time!

From the trailers and teasers we’ve seen so far, Mo’s beloved character looks to have an even bigger role in the events to come, too. In fact, Mo may be out for blood himself, most likely collecting on the mistakes of others for his employer, Thomas Rainwater.

Yellowstone is playing it up big in the last week leading up to their return, too. The show announced a huge ‘scavenger hunt’ contest for fans Sunday, and has been hitting social media with tons of excellent Life According to character montages, as well.

In short: It’s a damn good time to be an Outsider. And that’ll come to a fever pitch once November 7 arrives. Bring it on, Yellowstone!