‘Yellowstone’: Mo Brings Plenty Poses for Selfie with Teeter Actor Jen Landon: ‘Genuinely Grateful’

by Courtney Blackann

We don’t typically see the bunkhouse boys pair up with the likes of Thomas Rainwater or his sidekick Mo, but in real life, there’s no tension between the actors. In fact, the “Yellowstone” cast is pretty close. And offscreen, when they get the chance to hang out, they will. This is the case of Mo Brings Plenty and Teeter actress Jen Landon.

In a recent photo shared to Instagram, Mo and Jen paired up for a photo. And Mo sweetly said he was “genuinely grateful” for the actress.

“Jen Landon (Teeter) and me. This was taken by Greg Moon, the head of the make-up department. Greg’s an amazing human being; his whole crew is filled with amazing people,” Mo begins his caption.

He further adds:

“One of the best parts of this job is the incredible people I am surrounded by every day of this production. Every person—it doesn’t matter what department, position, behind the camera, or in front of the camera—brings so much talent and heart to the set. The producers have created a collective of people who operate with a good heart and always with good intentions, and that goes for all the people behind the scenes. I’m genuinely grateful to be a part of all of it.”

Jen Landon on Relating to “Yellowstone” Character

The two are posing in front of a gorgeous Montana background and showing off their genuine big smiles for the camera. The “Yellowstone” actors appear completely at peace with their surroundings as well as the company they’re in.

And while Jen Landon is at peace with her fellow co-star in the serene setting, she wasn’t always so calm in a country oasis. That’s because the actress says she had a lot of fear of horses prior to taking on the role of Teeter, a seriously badass cowboy in her own right.

“So coming in, I actually had a lot of horse fear, ’cause I did grow up with horses,” the ‘Yellowstone’ star explained. “My mom had a really, really bad fall, and was dragged around an arena with her foot stuck in a stirrup. And she really shouldn’t have survived that, and I was still quite young. But that was the end of horseback riding, so I didn’t really get to reclaim that until joining the show. It was really healing on one level.”

Of the experience, however, Landon loves portraying Teeter because it makes her feel like she can be tough. And she should! The actress is phenomenal in the role, as well as a fan favorite. She has a rough side for sure, but in the latest season, she also showed her vulnerability.

“But also as an actor, we really get a false sense of confidence. For example, I’m under the impression that I’m an incredibly good fighter who can beat up an entire biker gang. Because [stunt coordinator Jason Rodriguez] choreographed a fight in which I win. But I cannot do that. But I think I can,” Landon says.