‘Yellowstone’s Mo Brings Plenty Posts Moving Tribute to His ‘Ancestors’ on Anniversary of Battle of Little Bighorn

by Blake Ells

Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty paid homage to his ancestors over the weekend. The actor, who portrays “Mo” on the Paramount series, reflected on the Battle of Little Big Horn on its’ anniversary. The Battle of Little Big Horn is commonly referred to as “Custer’s Last Stand.”

“I am remembering this day by honoring the lives given to protect a beautiful way of living within my own life and doing everything I can to work my way back home. On the anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horne, I am thinking of all our Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho relatives,” the post read.

Mo Brings Plenty added more to the caption.

“Our ancestors gave their lives so that we [could exist] today. We must honor them in everything we do and we have to unite and be kinder to one another,” he wrote, adding the hashtag #unity.

The historic battle took place July 25-26, 1876. Forces from the Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho joined the Lakota Sioux tribe to face the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the US Army in the fight. U.S. forces were defeated in the Montana Territory. There are conflicting accounts of casualties in the battle. There were as many as 135 casualties among the victors. Mo Brings Plenty is a direct descendent of Brings Plenty who fought in the battle.

The U.S. suffered 268 casualties. General George Custer was among those killed.

Little Bighorn National Battlefield National Monument commemorates the combatants from both sides. Custer National Cemetery is at the site. It is located near Crow Agency, Montana.

Mo Brings Plenty Becomes a ‘Yellowstone’ Regular

The fifth season of Yellowstone is in production. A lot of news is coming out of Montana about what to expect. Mo Brings Plenty joins Wendy Moniz as a series regular when it returns. He has been a part of the cast since it debuted.

Landing the role was a big break for the South Dakota native. Prior to the series, he’d not had a Hollywood breakout. He had small roles in Hidalgo, Thunderheart and Pirates of the Caribbean. Since, he made an appearance in Jurassic World Dominion. A film titled The Redeemer starring Mo Brings Plenty is currently in production.

Season Five is on the Way

The new season of Yellowstone debuts on November 13. The show expands to 14 episodes this time around, a significant bump from the ten that were in most prior seasons. A host of other new characters will pop up in season five. Country music singer Lainey Wilson is among those joining the cast. Kal Caster, Lilli Kay and Dawn Olivieri will also appear in recurring roles.