‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Recalls Great Story About His Uncle’s Connection To Horses

by Leanne Stahulak

Unlike some “Yellowstone” cast members, working on the show was not Mo Brings Plenty’s first time riding horses.

The Native American actor owns a 10,000-acre ranch where he spends most of the day on horseback, herding cattle and the like. When he’s not filming “Yellowstone,” that is.

But Brings Plenty got his start with horses at a very young age. He told Jefferson White on The Official Yellowstone Podcast that his dad and uncles played a huge role in helping him learn about horses. One uncle, in particular, was a nationally-ranked rider who Brings Plenty described as a “horse whisperer.”

“I remember one time, my cousin and I came home from school and there was a horse tied up in the round pen,” the “Yellowstone” star explained. “And so we flipped a coin to see who had to get on this horse first.”

Brings Plenty shared that his uncle had tied up one of the legs of the horse in order to make it easier for the “Yellowstone” star and his cousin to ride. Unfortunately, both of them got “dumped” by the horse.

“My uncle, he was pretty upset that we both got bucked off on a three-legged horse,” Brings Plenty quipped. “And so he dropped the leg down, took the rope off, and he jumped on that horse. He said, ‘Alright, open up the gate,’ and he took that horse out and he was gone for hours. He came back, and he said, ‘She’s good to go.'”

The “Yellowstone” star continued, “And I’ll never forget that moment, when the sun was already down, there was a little bit of light left. And here he comes riding back, and that horse looked like it’s been ridden for years.”

Memories like that truly do live with us for a lifetime.

Why ‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Started Riding Horses in the First Place

When talking about his uncle, “Yellowstone” star Mo Brings Plenty also opened up about why he started riding horses in the first place. For him, it was a matter of practicality that soon turned into a passion.

“The horse thing and how it evolved was just I didn’t want to have to walk so far,” Brings Plenty said. “Our closest neighbor was a mile and a half away. I definitely didn’t want to ride my bike on dirt roads. The dirt and dust is probably about three or four inches thick. So it’s like riding through mud all of the time. So, I just decided to start riding horses at a very young age. My father and uncles were instrumental in that.”

Brings Plenty then shared the memory above about his specific uncle. But what was once a matter of necessity turned into something that he looked forward to doing every single day.