‘Yellowstone’: Mo Brings Plenty Reveals Two Reasons He Joined the Show

by TK Sanders

Native American actor and Yellowstone star Mo Brings Plenty cares deeply about his heritage and the future opportunities of his people. In a recent live Reservation Economic Summit interview, the host asked Mo to explain why he gave Yellowstone a chance, and how he feels about the future of his people’s representation in entertainment.

Mo gave a poignant two-part answer that touched upon both common sense and loftier, more profound goals simultaneously.

“I took the role because I was going to be the sidekick to another Native who was a tribal chairman,” he began, per Native News Online. “And, of course, Kevin Costner being in a project, who wouldn’t? I’m still a student, you know. But by landing this role, it revitalized and gave me a breath of fresh air to continue on. Because what I’m pursuing is much bigger than me.”

Before revealing his bigger plans, Mo explained that the rigors of acting and pursuing roles began to wear on him. He said he even considered retirement just before Yellowstone producers offered him the self-titled role.

“Just before I did take the role, I was contemplating on whether or not I was going to step away from pursuing this anymore. In fact, I talked to my family and told them what I had in mind, and that I was done with [acting],” he recalled.

“I called my agent, and my family and my agent said, ‘Let’s just finish up the year. See what happens.’ And then Yellowstone came about. And I got the opportunity to work with Gil Birmingham, who was an amazing Native actor. I want to quote a few things from him. And also, of course, Kevin Costner and everyone, all the cast members of that show are absolutely amazing.”

Mo Brings Plenty wants to use his Yellowstone fame as a bridge for Native Americans to gain more opportunities

And as for his higher purpose — his loftier, more profound goals? Mo said his pursuit of something “much bigger than me” really means expanded opportunities for Native Americans.

“[I want] to flat out just rip the doors down and make more opportunities for Indian country to be involved in [entertainment],” he said.

In a separate interview earlier this year, Mo said the fame is “exciting” and that he chuckles to himself whenever someone in real life recognizes him.

“For a kid who grew up on a reservation, it’s exciting,” the actor said. “And I’m just thankful for all of the fans, Yellowstone, and the folks that love Yellowstone.”

A member of the Lakota nation, Mo prefers to claim his heritage as his birthplace, rather than one city in particular. The civic pride helps explain why he takes his work as a Native ambassador so seriously.

“Yeah, my father’s from Pine Ridge Reservation, I was born there,” Mo said. “I spent a great number of years there. But my mother’s from the Cheyenne River Reservation which is also another band of the Lakota. So I always say I come from the Lakota Nation, because I have relatives on all them reservations. And I spend quite a bit of time on each and every one of them.”