‘Yellowstone’s Mo Brings Plenty Wants to Be the ‘Next President of the United States’

by Lauren Boisvert

Recently, “Yellowstone” star, activist, and rancher Mo Brings Plenty spoke at the 2022 Reservation Economic Summit, where he spoke with the audience about authenticity, work ethic, and his future plans. One of those plans is pretty lofty, but if anyone deserves to see that goal to fruition, it’s Mo Brings Plenty.

At the end of the interview, when asked what’s next for him, Mo Brings Plenty began by commenting on the success of “Yellowstone.” He said, “’Yellowstone’s going to be kind of hard, tough to top. But in the end, I do have an idea, and my idea has been a dream for a while. I think when the time is right, maybe I’ll start pursuing it and make it a reality. And that is to be the next President of the United States.”

His plan was met with warm enthusiasm, according to Native News Online. He also imparted on the audience the importance of authenticity and compassion, urging them to “Truly believe in yourself […] Never forget where you came from and who you are, embrace who you are, love who you are, so that you can love others. Be compassionate to yourself, so you can be compassionate to others.”

The Summit sounds like a truly inspiring experience, one made more so by Mo Brings Plenty’s profound words. He really has a way with words, and has so much wisdom to share with the world. Honestly, he’d make a great politician in that he’s the complete opposite of a modern politician, and I for one think it’s beyond time we had a Native American president.

Mo Brings Plenty Wants to Be President, Plus Shares the Importance of Work Ethic

Also at the Summit, Mo Brings Plenty spoke about his work ethic, not just on “Yellowstone,” but also how he pitches himself to stakeholders in creative projects. “It’s simple,” he said. “What it boils down to for me is work ethic. Representation is everything. The industry seems large, but everyone’s connected, and if your work ethic [is] not that great then people will talk about it.”

For Brings Plenty, attitude is everything. He continued, “So I make it a point to be on time, if not early. I give it 110% regardless.” Wise words to live by, if you ask me, someone who’s habitually late to everything. I could stand to learn a few things from Mo Brings Plenty.

Additionally, he spoke on what drew him to “Yellowstone” in the first place, plus the importance of love and compassion in the acting industry. “It’s [acting] a business that we still have to understand,” he said, “and we have to go and do it with a smile on our face. Love and Compassion are two great values that we need to bring back to life and hold much higher than what we hold onto.”