‘Yellowstone’s Neal McDonough Celebrates ‘Big Success’ of New Movie ‘Boon’ on Opening Weekend

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Neal McDonough not only starred in the new action film “Boon” this year but also co-wrote and produced it.

Most folks recognize Neal McDonough as a resident villain in films and TV shows like “Yellowstone.” On the Western, McDonough starred as Malcolm Beck in Season 2, who made it his job to take everything from the Dutton family. But now, in “Boon,” McDonough got to explore a different kind of character.

McDonough typically stays away from leading heroic roles because he chooses not to be physically intimate with other stars on screen. His faith and dedication to his wife, Ruvé, usually cause McDonough to land the role of the main baddie. But now that he could write his own film, McDonough could weave a romance into it that fit his principles and beliefs.

“Boon” follows a former mercenary Nick Boon (McDonough), who encounters a widowed woman named Catherine. When Catherine gets on the wrong side of the local crime organization, Boon can either continue running from his past or do what he can to help Catherine.

“Yellowstone” star Neal McDonough celebrated “Boon’s” release in theaters and on video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Vudu earlier today.

“Thank you everyone for making BOON a big success on its opening weekend!” McDonough wrote in his Instagram post. “I can’t tell you how much Ruvé and I appreciate it and the great people at Cinedigm! God Bless you all!!!”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Neal McDonough Opens Up About Creating ‘Boon’

Earlier this week, “Yellowstone” star Neal McDonough sat down with Digital Trends to talk about his new film. He opened up about working with director and co-writer Derek Presley. As well as creating “Boon” with his wife.

“With ‘Boon,’ I loved jumping into this one because I got to produce it with my wife, Ruve,” McDonough explained. “But also we had to tell a story of myself having a romance in a film, which I generally don’t do because I don’t do sex scenes. So now that I’m producing and writing and creating these things with Derek Presley and my wife, I kind of get to do it my way. I get to finally be the hero.”

Not something McDonough is used to. But he was also happy to incorporate his faith into the film as well.

“These guys are grappling with their faith as we all do,” McDonough continued. “Everyone knows I’m a devout Catholic, but we all grapple with our faith. We all make mistakes. We’re all sinners. I think when we go to the cinema, I like to watch a guy who has to grapple with those things and in the end, dusts himself off and gets the job done. And in this case, it’s taking down bad guys.”

Make sure you check out “Boon” in select theaters this week. Or you can rent it on Amazon Prime.