‘Yellowstone’ Needs to Cast Matthew McConaughey as ‘6666’ Lead: Making the Case

by Jon D. B.
Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone, Matthew McConaughey. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press, Getty Images)

The Alamo. Crude Oil. Longhorns. BBQ. Rudely hot summers. They all scream Texas, but are they Matthew McConaughey? No, which is exactly why the world’s most famous Texan needs to headline Yellowstone‘s modern-day spinoff, 6666.

Here at Outsider, we’re still reeling from the fact that Indiana Jones/Han Solo/Rick Deckard himself is headlining the next Yellowstone prequel. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill were phenomenal anchors for 1883, true, but bagging Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren for follow-up 1923 is certainly as powerful as casting gets in Hollywood.

Yet it’s not as surprising as it would’ve been a few years prior. After five seasons, Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan now has the #1 show on cable television with Kevin Costner as passionate about the role as ever. The truly stellar 1883 also proved wildly successful both critically and commercially. So if anyone has the clout to cast more beloved A-List celebs for spinoffs, it’s Sheridan.

Our Recommendation? Matthew McConaughey as the ‘Yellowstone’ Universe’s Next Lead in ‘6666’

McConaughey may feel the obvious choice, but there’s a bit more to it. He’s not only the most famous Lone Star State celebrity currently working today, but he’s also deeply passionate about his fellow Texans, their state, and everything in-between. This is something he certainly shares in common with fellow native Sheridan. The two are a match made in Hollywood heaven; so much so that I’m certain this article would be far from introductory to either on the subject. If there’s anyone on the Cranfills Gap-born Yellowstone creator’s radar to join Jefferson White‘s Jimmy in 6666, it’s Uvalde-born McConaughey.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone, Matthew McConaughey. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press, Getty Images)

Aside from being a perfect spiritual fit, 6666 would also be the actor’s first proper foray into the Western genre since 1996. That year, McConaughey hit screens as Buddy Deeds in Lone Star, a Neo-Western based in – you guessed it – Texas. He’s since been a part of three genre-adjacent films since: The Newton Boys (1998), Civil War drama Free State (2016), and the ill-fated adaptation of Stephen King’s Fantasy Western, The Dark Tower (2017). But none have been a straight up Western or Modern Western as Lone Star/6666 are respectively.

‘McConaughey is long overdue for a true Western’

There’s no need to get into Matthew McConaughey’s acting chops additionally, either, as the man is clearly a leading talent of his generation. What it really boils down to is simple: McConaughey is long overdue for a true Western, and there’s never going to be a better fit than 6666. And having Costner, McGraw, Ford, and McConaughey as our collection of Yellowstone leads just feels too perfect to ignore.

This does, however, lead to the one hiccup in this suggestion: Should we be asking for McConaughey to headline a prequel series as a Dutton ancestor, instead? Sheridan has mentioned his desire to pen Dutton dramas set in both the 1940s and 1960s after 1923, so should we instead wish for him to take on a youthful John Dutton Sr. who oversees the childhood version of Costner’s John Jr.?

Or is the Texas-based 6666 truly too good of a fit to pass over? There’s a lot of history with the real-life 6666 Ranch in the Lone Star State. McConaughey certainly knows of it from his lifetime in the state, as does Sheridan (who is so enamored with the legacy of the largest ranch in Texas that he bought it earlier in 2022).

Yellowstone fans certainly seem to think the pairing is too perfect to ignore. Recently, the show’s Reddit forum has lit up with this exact suggestion – and a hard reason why 6666 may need Matthew McConaughey.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want ‘More’ Than ‘Just Jimmy’ Leading ‘6666’

“I have no interest watching a spin off show about side show Jimmy. They need some star power like Mathew McConaughey who is from Texas and currently lives there to give it some gravitas,” writes Redditor Jlive9. “I’m worried it will be Jimmy as the male lead.”

Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom in Yellowstone Season 4. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Responses range from “I’d be okay with this!” to “Alright alright alright Git along little doggies,” demonstrating how very ‘alright, alright, alright’ Yellowstone fans would be with the casting.

“He literally could just play himself – ‘Hi I’m Mathew McConaughey the actor and I wanna learn how to be a real cowboy’ and we watch his transformation,” Jlive9 adds. “Which I think would be more fun to watch than Jimmy’s transformation.”

Sorry, Jimmy. This is no skin off Jefferson White‘s back regardless, as the actor has done a terrific job in making an otherwise unlikable character very likable. But fans continue to voice high skepticism of Jimmy carrying an entire Texas-based show. And there’s no actor better suited to aid him than McConaughey.

Unlike Costner prior to Yellowstone, McConaughey has also proven his willingness to leave the film world for television shows. And when he did, he launched True Detective to become one of the most critically-acclaimed dramas of its decade. So here’s to hoping the stalwart Texan is game for a ride on horseback over to his home state’s most storied ranch, The Four Sixes.