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‘Yellowstone’: New Cast Member Finn Little Tips His Hat To the Crew for Making Season 4 ‘Worth the Wait’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

We can almost hear the “Yellowstone” fans breathing sighs of relief. Those familiar with Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the crew were never too worried about Season 4 from the start. Sure, the painfully delayed release date had us concerned for a while. But reassurances from cast members, especially new ones like Finn Little, have gone a long way in smoothing that over.

Now here we are—within a month of the Season 4 “Yellowstone” premiere. Just a little longer, folks. We’re so very close. If you need an extra boost to the finish line, Carter actor Finn Little shared a throwback photo on Instagram assuring us that the Season 4 action of the show will be worth the wait.

“The YELLOWSTONE crew & cast worked SO HARD during 2020 to make YELLOWSTONE – season 4. They dealt with the usual immense pressures of production, unexpected early weather, AND a global pandemic! …I take my hat off to them,” Little wrote in the caption.

Well, when he puts it like that, it’s hard to be upset about the late release date for Season 4. The demand for entertainment has never been greater, and because of that, it can be easy to overlook the obstacles standing in a production team’s way.

Fortunately, it looks like Season 4 of “Yellowstone” is going to pick up right where we left off, from the story itself to the quality we’ve come to expect from Taylor Sheridan and company. If you Outsiders are anything like us, you’re champing at the bit to see Finn Little’s Carter character finally make his debut.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Shared Who He Thinks is the Best Actor He’s Had the Pleasure of Working With

John Dutton actor Kevin Costner has been around the block. The man has been an A-list movie star since the 1980s. That kind of status brings a few privileges along with it. Namely, getting to work with some of the best talent in the world.

One could argue that Kevin Costner is mixing it up with some of the best actors he’s encountered on the set of “Yellowstone.” But talking to Rich Eisen in 2017 (before “Yellowstone” premiered, mind you), the John Dutton actor named one actor specifically as the best he’s ever seen.

“You know, people ask all the time, ‘Who’s the best actor, who’s the biggest star, who’s the blah blah blah.’ The line’s long for the great actors I’ve been able to work with, it really is. But I would say probably Gene [Hackman] was the best actor that I’ve ever worked with,” Costner said.

Who knows? Maybe Finn Little will impress Costner enough to change that.