‘Yellowstone’ New Star Finn Little Posts Amazing Pic of Bison in ‘Early Snow’ From Montana Set

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” actor Finn Little is once again treating us to a behind-the-scenes look at Montana during the filming of Season 4.

Filming may have wrapped last November, but the 15-year-old actor’s been treating us to these throwback photos all year long. We’ve already gotten glimpses of the Dutton Ranch, the Montana countryside, different night shoots, and even a shot of Little in a cowboy hat. Looks like he’s gearing up for his character’s time on the ranch.

Little was tapped to play Carter on “Yellowstone,” a young kid who Beth Dutton takes in. According to Deadline, Carter’s character is a little “reminiscent” of Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). Rip lost his parents at a young age and learned how to become a true ranch hand by living with the Duttons. Sounds like Carter will follow a similar path. Deadline reports that “Beth decides the ranch is the best place to teach the youth how to be a man.”

Becoming a “man” on a ranch means working outdoors quite a bit. That’s what we see in Little’s latest snap on the “Yellowstone” set. He posted an incredible pic of some faraway bison grazing in the snow.

“TBT: 2020 Early snow in Montana,” the “Yellowstone” actor captioned the post. While we’re used to snow in November, which is the latest possible time Little would’ve seen snow, it sounds like this snowfall might’ve happened even earlier, in October.

What Else Can We Expect For ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

In addition to Little, four more actors will be joining the cast for the upcoming season. Per Deadline, Will Patton will soon return as a series regular. Patton plays Garrett Randall, Jamie Dutton’s biological father.

Jacki Weaver will make her debut as the sinister CEO of Market Equities, Caroline Warner. The company has nothing good in store for the Dutton family, and neither does Warner.

Piper Perabo’s character, Summer Higgins, wants to protest the state-funded police who remained complicit in the industrial farming and animal slaughter industries.

And finally, Kathryn Kelly’s vet tech has a romance brewing with one of the Dutton ranch hands — but which one could it be?

Plotwise, Season 4 has a lot of loose ends to tie up from that Season 3 finale. Although, one question might already be answered: Did Beth survive the explosion in her office? Based on Little’s character description, it sounds like she does. How else would she be able to take him in on the ranch and teach him how to be a man?

We’re less sure about John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) fate. The “Yellowstone” lead got prime time in a recent teaser trailer that dropped earlier this month. In the teaser, we see John bleeding out on the side of the road from a gunshot wound. Some kind of crow or vulture circles overhead, portending some kind of doom or misfortune… but we’ll have to wait until Nov. 7 to find out for sure what happens to our favorite characters.