‘Yellowstone’ New Star Finn Little Warns ‘You Better Be Sitting Down’ for Season 4 Premiere

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

“Yellowstone” newcomer Finn Little has been counting down the days until his debut on the hit Paramount Network series.

Finn Little is one of a couple of new faces that “Yellowstone” fans will soon become acquainted with. He joins veteran actresses Jacki Weaver and Piper Perabo as brand new cast members for the upcoming new season. Little will be playing “Carter,” a new character on “Yellowstone” that we know little about (no pun intended). It is safe to say that Finn Little is very excited to be joining “Yellowstone” for the fourth season. He’s been using social media to interact with fans of the show and also launched a countdown to the first new episode. Fans have been very receptive to Little and have noted how excited they are to see him on the Dutton Ranch.

In his most recent social media post, the young Australian actor teases a fast start to season four. He says “Yellowstone” may want to find a seating position to begin the fourth season action. Little isn’t the only cast member to declare that season four will get off to a roaring start. Little has also been sharing photos of his new character along with gorgeous views of the Montana landscape.

“Just three miles left,” he says in the Thursday Instagram post. “You’re going to need to be sitting down when Yellowstone season 4 starts!”

A fast start to the latest edition of “Yellowstone” has been a common theme throughout the show’s offseason. Other stars like Kelsey Asbille and Cole Hauser have also hinted at an action-packed star for season four. The good news is — most fans do indeed plan on being in a seated position when the first episode begins.

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Finn Little’s Role is a Mystery

We don’t know a whole lot about Finn Little’s character, Carter, aside from a few crumbs here and there.

He is said to have a similar backstory to that of “Yellowstone” mainstay Rip Wheeler. Rip, of course, was taken in by John Dutton at a young age after the death of his parents. Rip would go on to spend most of his life on the Dutton Ranch, eventually claiming the title of foreman. A few weeks ago, the “Yellowstone” social media page officially introduced us to Carter.

“Yellowstone is nearly here!” Little says. “Carter is about to show up at the ranch. Come on November!”

November is now here and the return of “Yellowstone” is just two days away. We can’t wait to see what Finn Little and other fresh faces bring to the already outstanding show.