‘Yellowstone’ New Star Finn Little’s Montana Pic Will Make You Even More Ready for Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

With its glorious return now just weeks away, “Yellowstone” will premiere its latest season next month and fans couldn’t be more excited.

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are at the edges of their seats in anticipation of season four. The fourth season promises to be one of the show’s most suspenseful to date. There are also many unknowns in the “Yellowstone” universe and we cannot wait to see what the show’s writers have cooked up. Fans are also eager to meet the show’s newest cast members and learn about their characters. One interesting addition to the show’s cast is young Australian actor Finn Little, who will be playing Carter. We don’t know a whole lot about Finn Little’s character but fans are anxious to learn what his role on the Dutton Ranch will be. He joins Tate Dutton portrayer, Brecken Merrill, as the youngest actors in the “Yellowstone” cast. Merrill is 13-years-old and Little is two years his senior at 15-years-old.

Finn Little has been quite active on social media since landing the role of Carter earlier this year. He often posts photos of the Montana scenery on his social media pages. By doing so, he has already endeared himself to the massive “Yellowstone” fan base, who love to interact with the show’s tremendous cast members. Little’s latest social media photo is also a real beauty as he says he is missing Montana.

“Missing your colors MT,” the young star actor writes in the post’s caption space.

Just look at those colors in Little’s photo. They are simply beautiful and a big reason why Montana is such a popular tourism destination in the fall months.

‘Yellowstone’ Has New Addition in Finn Little’s Carter

While we don’t have much to go on as far as what Finn Little’s character will be like, we do have a few hints on Carter. He is supposedly coming to “Yellowstone” Ranch at the request of Beth Dutton, who thinks the ranch will turn him into a man. It’s been rumored that Carter has a similar back story to that of Rip Wheeler, who was taken in by the Dutton family as a youngster.

In a recent teaser trailer, “Yellowstone” fans are introduced to both Finn Little and Carter. In the video, Carter tells Walker that “life has robbed him of his chances,” as the two discuss becoming a cowboy. This would suggest that Carter has gone through a personal tragedy that has left him without much to live on. If he is anything like Rip, as has been speculated, then the Ranch might just be the ideal place for him.

We will learn about Carter when “Yellowstone” returns for its fourth season on November 7.