‘Yellowstone’ New Teasers Curiously Don’t Feature One Character Facing Any Potential Danger

by Lauren Boisvert
Kevin Costner as John Dutton. Episode 2 of Yellowstone - "Freight Trains and Monsters"

Yellowstone has been teasing fans with snippets and crumbs of season 4 for weeks now. Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, recently shared some potential plot twists; an extended trailer shows Josh Hollloway’s Roarke stumbling through the woods; and fans on Reddit have been pinpointing some major foreshadowing and details that could be huge for the show.

So, who are the Duttons going to exact their revenge on? And who seems relatively safe from their fire? There’s one character we haven’t seen much of in the season 4 trailers that stirs up some thought.

‘Yellowstone’: Who’s in Danger?

Fans on Reddit are speculating again, and this time it’s about who’s in trouble with the Duttons. User iheartsev thinks Kayce and Rip will team up to deliver swift Yellowstone-style justice. “The Duttons [sic] revenge plan seems to be to go after everybody who’s been causing them all this trouble,” they wrote in a recent post.

The post goes on to catalog the short scenes in the extended trailer, noting key details: As for Roarke, “we see him running through woods while glancing fearfully behind him, so obviously somebody’s after Roarke.” Next, there’s the possibility of the Yellowstone boys going after the California bikers, as “we’ve seen an image of some guys, presumably our guys, leaping out of ATVs and heading toward a diner where a row of motorcycles are parked.”

Then, there’s the Unknown White Hat Guy from the teaser, and “the cowboy hat floating down the stream followed by the water turning red with blood. That’s not Roarke, he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat.” Or, there’s the white supremacist militia from season 2, where we see “swat [sic] teams breaking into a run-down looking house, presumably going after the idiot gang who were holding Tate earlier.”

So, there are a lot of possibilities given with this extended season 4 trailer. We see Rip holding a gun, so we know he’s getting into something nasty. There’s also a scene where Jaime holds a gun to someone as well. Essentially, things are getting extremely hairy extremely quickly. Safe to say, fans are pumped.

Who Haven’t We Seen?

We haven’t actually seen a lot of Thomas Rainwater in the Yellowstone season 4 trailers. Why is that? fans are asking. “We haven’t seen Rainwater’s people in any danger from the Dutton Revenge Squad,” wrote iheartsev in the original Reddit post.

There was some early speculation as to who was behind the attacks on the Duttons, and Thomas Rainwater never really made the cut as a possible suspect. Fans just don’t believe it’s in his nature. Which could be why he hasn’t been prominent in any trailers, seeing as most of the trailers have been about revenge and paying debts. Could Rainwater and John Dutton come to a truce and work together to find out who attacked them? Could Rainwater and the Broken Rock Tribe be in danger as well from whoever attacked the Duttons?

Questions and more questions; we’ll have to wait for November 7 to even begin to find out.