‘Yellowstone’ New Trailer Hints at Josh Holloway’s Roarke Getting Killed Next Season: Here’s How

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With a series of new trailers unloaded over the course of the last few weeks, “Yellowstone” has its enormous fan base amped for a new season.

In the third season of “Yellowstone,” we are introduced to Roarke Morris, played wonderfully by veteran actor Josh Holloway. You might recognize Holloway from his starring roles in “Lost” and “Colony” among other shows he’s been in. We first meet Roarke in the third season as he is fly fishing near the Dutton family property. After an awkward conversation with Beth Dutton, it becomes immediately clear that Roarke is in Montana for one thing — Yellowstone Ranch.

He instantly becomes a primary antagonist as it is clear that his objective is the takeover the ranch property by any means necessary. He and his company, Market Equities, wish to turn the ranch into an airport and tourism destination. As you might expect, this makes him a foe of the powerful Dutton family.

Now, some fans think Roarke will meet his demise in the fourth season. Eagle-Eyed “Yellowstone” fans point to the recently released trailer as evidence of this theory. If you are like us here at Outsider, you’ve probably seen the trailer a couple dozen times. One more glance won’t hurt you — pay close attention to the scenes as they pass by.

In one particular scene, Roarke appears to be running and stumbling as he attempts to flee from something. Another flash scene shows a person is being hung — and some “Yellowstone” fans are convinced it is Roarke.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh in on Roarke Morris Theory

“I personally believe the guy that was hung is Roarke,” a Reddit user writes. “When he’s fleeing afraid in a blue checkered shirt and waders in the other photos. When you zoom up on the torso in the first photo, it appears that they are wearing the same clothes.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan and Redditor agrees with speculation of Roarke’s demise.

“The man hanging in photo 1 does have on a checkered shirt, and it looks to be the same color as Roarke’s,” another fan says. “This season is going to be crazy.”

This theory is also supported by Holloway himself in an interview from earlier this year. In this interview, Josh Hollway assures “Yellowstone” fans that Roarke will “get his” in the upcoming new season.

Many fans believe Roarke and his Market Equities associate, Willa Hayes, are behind the attacks on the Dutton family in the third season finale. If this is the case, it makes perfect sense that the Dutton family would be on the hunt for Roarke.

With season four arriving in November, answers to our burning “Yellowstone” questions are coming soon.