‘Yellowstone’: New Trailer Introduces a Game-Changing Adversary, Caroline Warner

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone just dropped a brand new trailer, and it’s all about Season 4’s big bad: Caroline Warner. Cue the pitchforks, Dutton fans.

“We’re all about to hate her” one Yellowstone fan comments on the trailer drop, and she’s right. Jackie Weaver looks set to demolish all the progress the Duttons have made in seasons 1-3. But it’s not just John, Beth, and Kayce’s legacy that’s in danger. She’s coming for Thomas Rainwater, too. And we see it all unfold in this gripping new footage.

“Jacki Weaver’s Caroline is a force of nature,” Yellowstone captions the trailer reveal. Once you watch it for yourself, there’ll be little to argue on that point:

“You’re late,” Caroline offers as her introductory line. Jacki Weaver gives her villain a whispery, almost whimsical tone – and she positively seethes manipulation through it.

After her assistant, Ellis Steele (John Emmet Tracy) tells her flight was late, Caroline simply offers: “I am never early and I am never late. I am the constant your time adjusts to.”

She does so without ever making eye contact with Steele. He’ll have to live up to that surname to keep up with Warner, by the sound of it, too.

Cast Says Caroline Warner is Set to Bring ‘Yellowstone’ Crashing Down.

“Caroline Warner is the CEO of the biggest investment company in the world,” Jacki Weaver reveals within. “She’s come to town to straighten things out,” the actor smiles.

Fans know this company as Market Equities, the investment firm previously spearheaded by Willa Hayes (Karen Pittman) and Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway). Yet as the new Yellowstone footage exemplifies, these two were but small fish in a shark tank.

“Caroline is a force of nature,” John Emmet Tracy says of the character.

“She has such a fire in her,” echoes Gil Birmingham of Thomas Rainwater fame. “Caroline has the resources to really undermine anything we have tried to do. So it does have us concerned,” the icon says of his Broken Rock Chairman.

“She’s going to shake them up. We’re going to have some fireworks soon,” Weaver grins with a gleeful laugh.

And by Tracy and Birmingham’s praise, we’re in for a real treat from Weaver.

“Jacki Weaver is an incredible actor who is inventive and makes it all seem so easy!” He lauds.

“It’s all in the words. It’s all in the attitude,” Birmingham adds. “I loved working with her. She was so much fun.”

As Weaver herself offers, “They might have met their match with Caroline.”

If you’re not holding your breath yet, you will. as Weaver’s exiting line as Caroline Warner in the trailer sets the tone perfectly for Yellowstone Season 4:

“I cannot wait to pave this place over.”

Yellowstone Season 4 hits with a two-episode premiere on November 7, exclusively on Paramount Network/Paramount+.