‘Yellowstone’ New Trailer Promises ‘War’ in Season 4, Which Characters Will Be in Battle?

by Thad Mitchell

With the emergence of a new teaser trailer, fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are ratcheting up the excitement level.

The new “Yellowstone” trailer is only 30-seconds long and there are only a few seconds of new footage. But, it is the ending of the short trailer that has fans of the modern western drama in a tizzy.

The trailer starts with a wounded John Dutton still lying on the ground and fighting for his life. He fears a nearby bird will begin feasting on him before his eyes close for good. He shoos the bird away as he hangs on for dear life.

We know from the previous trailer that Rip Wheeler is the first to come upon the accident. What we don’t know is whether John Dutton is going to survive or not. Most “Yellowstone” watchers believe that John will survive the attack due to a well-placed cell phone in his shirt pocket.

The biggest takeaway from the new trailer is the ominous voice at the end declaring war is upon Yellowstone Ranch. It isn’t clear who the voice is coming from, but it is clear that whoever says it — means it. Many “Yellowstone” fans think it is John’s adopted son, Jamie Dutton, with the sole line in the video.

“We are at war — you and me,” the voice says to end the trailer.

It is far from a given that it is Jamie’s voice in the trailer, but for this exercise, we will assume that it is indeed him. The question then becomes — just who is Jamie Dutton declaring war on?


There’s no shortage of possible answers to this question, as Jamie isn’t exactly the most-liked character on Yellowstone Ranch.

Jamie could very well be declaring war on his own adopted father, John Dutton. Despite his upbringing on Yellowstone Ranch, Jamie harbors plenty of resentment toward the man who raised him. His adoption discovery in season three only adds fuel to the fire.

Jamie could also be declaring war against his biological father, Garrett Randall. Jamie only meets his biological father last season but Randall has already made a big impact on his life. He seemingly encourages Jamie to do away with John Dutton and take Yellowstone Ranch as his own. Perhaps Jamie sides with the Dutton family and wants to distance himself from Randall.

Another candidate for Jamie’s declaration of war is Market Equities. The company’s representatives, Roarke Morris and Willa Hayes, have made it quite clear that will do whatever it takes to acquire the Dutton property. Many “Yellowstone” fans believe Morris and Hayes are behind the third season ambush on the Dutton family. Perhaps Jamie will join in on seeking revenge on the Market Equities team.

One thing is for certain from the latest “Yellowstone” trailer and that is the wait for new episodes is shrinking. Season four will arrive on November 7.