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‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Finn Little Is Taking Fans on Photo Journey to Dutton Ranch

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

A brand new season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is on the way and fans are counting down the days.

But “Yellowstone” fans aren’t the only ones with a countdown in progress toward the season four premiere. “Yellowstone” newcomer Finn Little also appears to be every bit as excited about the news as fans are. Since joining the cast earlier this year, Little has endeared himself to the show’s fan base with his energy. He often utilizes social media as a method for interacting with fans of the show. The Australian actor will play the role of Carter in the upcoming fourth and latest season. Little is just 15-years-old and his young age has led to speculation that his character has recently been orphaned and taken in by the Dutton family. We hope to learn more about Carter and his journey to the Dutton Ranch when the new season premieres in just a few weeks.

Despite not yet appearing in a single “Yellowstone” episode, Finn Little is already becoming a favorite among fans. A big reason for this is his recent social media activity. He’s shared numerous photos of the set and the gorgeous Montana backdrop while counting the days to the arrival of season four.

“20 miles to go to get to the Yellowstone Ranch!” the young actor says in his post.

Many fans think that Little is implying that Carter will have to travel a great distance to arrive at “Yellowstone” Ranch. He cleverly replaces “days” with “miles” in his caption. To be clear, he is saying there are 20 days left until the new season arrives. He says “miles to go” as a nod to his character on the show.

‘Yellowstone’s’ Newest Character is Shrouded in Mystery

Carter, and where he comes from, are still very much a mystery to “Yellowstone” viewers. There isn’t much information regarding Carter to go by. He is said to be similar to Rip Wheeler in that he is brought to the ranch with nowhere else to turn.

A recent “Yellowstone” social media post introduces us to Finn Little and Carter and tells us a little bit about both.

The biggest clue we receive in this video is Carter’s conversation with Yellowstone ranch hand Walker. Asked if he wants to be a cowboy, Carter’s response to Walker’s questions is revealing.

“Life kind of robbed me of my options,” Carter says.

This would seem to suggest that Carter has been through some sort of personal tragedy that has left him on his own. It isn’t unlike the back story of Rip Wheeler, who was taken in by the Duttons as an orphaned youth.

“Yellowstone” fans are joining Finn Little in his countdown to the premiere of the fourth season. We are almost there!