‘Yellowstone’ Notches Another Award Win

by Megan Molseed

Yellowstone has added yet another accolade to the Paramount + show’s continuously growing list of awards. This one came during the 58th annual Cinema Audio Society (CAS) awards. This event focuses on celebrating the “craft of sound mixing.”

This year, the wildly popular and trailblazing modern western series received honors in the Television Series – One Hour category. Yellowstone received the award for the first episode of the popular Paramount + series’ fourth season. This award-winning episode is titled Half the Money.

Yellowstone’s Half the Money production team was honored during the annual CAS awards. These honors included production mixer Andrejs Prokopenko; re-recording mixer, Diego Gat (CAS); re-recording mixer, Samuel Ejnes (CAS); Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) mixer, Michael Miller (CAS), and ADR mixer, Chris Navarro (CAS).

With Multiple Awards, Plans For ‘Yellowstone’s’ Fifth Season Are Well Underway

Yellowstone fans are getting used to the long weeks and days without the hit modern-western series – as well as without the series spin-off, 1883. However, plans for the fifth season of Taylor Sheridan’s hit Paramount + series are still well-underway.

And, it seems, these plans include bringing the hit Kevin Costner series back with two parts in the fifth season. A plan that may bring Yellowstone back to the airwaves decidedly sooner than it returned for the show’s fourth season earlier this year.

Does Two-Part Format For Season Five Mean ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Is Working On Something Big?

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan clearly loves to keep things mixed up when it comes to his hit television shows. Each season of Yellowstone brings viewers and fans something even bigger and better – even if it’s a major development hitting our favorite – and least favorite – characters hard in ways we would never suspect.

The new format for Yellowstone’s fifth season will likely be splitting the fourteen episodes slated for the installment. One theory behind this new format is to keep Yellowstone fans in the loop – even during the late summer or early fall months.

One of the reasons the fourth season installment of the western drama series took so long to finally hit the airwaves has often been attributed to the showrunner’s goal in making sure the show aired during the slower times of the year. A summer premiere often finds a struggle with viewership as many fans are busy outdoors or on vacation. However, splitting the season into two parts may give Yellowstone the best of both worlds on this front.

Could the Two-Part Format Be A Way For Showrunners To Make Room For ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-offs?

Another potential reason for this shift in programming likely lies within Yellowstone’s growing spin-off library. Last winter saw the premiere of the long-awaited Yellowstone prequel, 1883 starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliot, and LaMonica Garrett.

Since then, news of another Yellowstone spin-off sequel, 1932, has been announced. Could the expanding world that showrunner Taylor Sheridan is creating work better if Yellowstone’s fifth season is split into two separate installments?

Perhaps fans can get a glimpse of Costner’s John Dutton; and his world on Yellowstone during the late summer weeks, or early fall. Followed by the prequels would take over the airwaves for a chunk of time. Airing the final half of Yellowstone’s fifth season following the prequels would certainly be a great way to book-end it all!