‘Yellowstone’: Is There One Character Rip Wheeler Wouldn’t Take To the Train Station?

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” fans have watched fan-favorite character Rip Wheeler take out all kinds of enemies for father-figure John Dutton. But some fans now theorize that there’s one line even a seasoned killer like Rip wouldn’t cross, and one person he would never take to the train station.

When ranch hands or branded men take someone to “the train station” on “Yellowstone,” they really take them over the border to Wyoming and kill them. Usually, that person knows too much information but can’t be trusted anymore on the ranch. Instead of killing them at the ranch, John trusts one of his men to take them to this “dead zone” in Wyoming where there’s no government jurisdiction and no potential for a jury because the population is zero.

Rip normally has no problem taking problematic people to the train station. But, if John asked him to, would Rip go through with taking his lover and John’s daughter Beth Dutton to the train station? One Reddit user posed the question to “Yellowstone” fans with two specific answers.

“Opinion 1: Rip would kill Beth if John ordered him to because his loyalty is to John and the ranch first. John wouldn’t order his daughter killed unless she did something unforgivable against both, which Rip would likely see as a personal betrayal against himself as well, canceling out the feelings of loyalty his love for her brings.”

Here’s the second option for “Yellowstone” fans:

“Opinion 2: Rip would not kill Beth, even if John ordered him to. He loves her too much, and he’s still haunted by his dad killing his mom. Besides, Beth is too loyal to her dad to betray him, so anything she did that seemed against the ranch would actually be for its protection or his in some way.”

Which way do you lean, Outsiders?

Here’s What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Thought About Whether Rip Would Take Beth to the Train Station

Most people who responded to the question all picked the same answer: Option 2. It makes the most sense given their relationship and also that point about Rip watching his dad kill his mom.

“No, he would not. He would leave the ranch with her and disappear into the night. Happily,” one Reddit user commented on the thread.

“I think causing her harm would be the one line he would never cross, even for John,” another wrote.

Several people argued that love trumps loyalty, every time. Plus, Beth’s loyalty to her father has been unwavering, or at least more steady than Jamie and Kayce’s. Fans argued that if he hasn’t had either of them taken to the train station yet, Beth likely won’t be.

But some users also posed a super interesting reverse on the question that might be more difficult to answer. “The real question is if Rip would kill John if Beth asked,” someone commented.

Could Rip kill the man who raised him and gave him a better life? If the love of his life asked him to? Or if it came down to one person or the other? Hopefully, we never have to see it happen.