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‘Yellowstone’: One Character’s Frequent Appearances Has Fans Debating

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Over the last four seasons of “Yellowstone,” fans have gotten to know Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) in several different ways.

In some contexts, he’s the Chief of the Broken Rock Reservation. In others, he’s a politician. And in others, he’s a business owner. But no matter the season, we always see Rainwater show up in some way connected to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch or the Duttons themselves.

But one “Yellowstone” fan posed a different question about Birmingham’s character. They opened up the discussion in a recent Reddit thread, asking fans about Rainwater’s tendency to show up all over the show. And specifically, the Broken Rock Reservation.

“Is it just me or does Chief Rainwater seem to be at every little thing that happens on the rez no matter how unusual or almost inappropriate that he be there?” the original poster wrote.

“Example: He comes out to murder scenes and law enforcement takedown operations. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they show a family having a garage sale and he’s there just because. Has anyone else noticed this or thought the same way?” the “Yellowstone” fan concluded.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Thomas Rainwater’s Constant Presence

Several fans chimed in with their thoughts. Most believe that Thomas Rainwater serves a purpose when visiting people around the reservations. The question is whether it’s for them or Rainwater’s own purposes.

“He’s a ‘the buck stops here’ kind of leader. I find it admirable,” one “Yellowstone” fan commented on the original post. “The buck stops here” means someone won’t pass their own responsibilities on to someone else. Like Rainwater choosing not to delegate someone to go to different functions or crises for him.

Another “Yellowstone” continued from the comment above. “Glad you brought this up. I’ve thought about it from the perspective of the size of the rez. If there are two garage sales on opposite sides of the rez, you bet your ass he’ll be there,” the other fan said.

That’s a true point. While we’ve mostly seen Rainwater supporting his people after a negative incident, he could just as easily be there for them to celebrate something joyous. And no matter what divisions there are in the Broken Rock Reservation, he’ll support those factions equally.

Although, not all “Yellowstone” fans think that way. “He’s a be politician, trying to show his support and keep votes,” a different person commented on the post. We can’t forget how Rainwater got to where he is in the first place.

Another fan added to that train of thought, “He seems to enjoy knowing all the details of what is going on at the res just as John does at the ranch. He’s their leader and has to show up in case something is important to his own future plans.”

What do you think of Rainwater’s activities, “Yellowstone” fans?