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‘Yellowstone’: One Star Made the Jump to ‘Mayor of Kingstown’

by Thad Mitchell
(Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

After his time on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” came to an abrupt end, Hugh Dillon wasted no time finding a new gig.

On “Yellowstone,” Dillon played Park County Sheriff Donnie Haskell through the show’s four seasons. Haskell was a tough character to figure out as you weren’t sure whose side he was really on. There were times when he helped “Yellowstone” Ranch owner John Dutton with his problematic enemies. There were also times when it seemed the Sheriff was a foe to the Dutton family. In the second season of “Yellowstone,” Sheriff Haskell appeared to be in the pocked of Malcolm and Teal Beck. We know how that worked out at the end of season two. Haskell met his untimely demise at the hands of a couple of small-time criminals robbing a diner. Ironically he was at the restaurant to meet John Dutton and Rip Wheeler. After he is shot, Donnie asks John for his assistance in calling his daughter. John obliges, giving Haskell’s daughter the bad news.

With his “Yellowstone” run over, Dillon would move on to another Paramount Network series. Having teamed with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan several times, Dillon took a role in the “Mayor of Kingston” series. Just in its first season, “Mayor of Kingstown” is also fronted by Sheridan. In addition to his role as detective Ian Ferguson, Dillon is also credited as the series’ co-creator and executive producer. Numerous “Yellowstone” fans have taken note of Dillon’s with to Sheridan’s newest project. The show stars Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky, the titular character. McLusky must navigate through a web of crime in order to keep his city intact.

The series has drawn positive reviews from both fans and critics with many complimenting the show’s cast and acting.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hugh Dillon Talks About His New Show

Believe it or not, Hugh Dillon is also a bonafide rock star as the frontman for the rock band “Headstones.”

Yes, you heard that correctly — the guy playing Sheriff Donnie Haskell in “Yellowstone” is a headbanging rock singer. He is indeed a man of many talents and he is now focusing on making “Mayor of Kingstown” a success. He also has plenty to say about working alongside Taylor Sheridan, whom he considers a close friend.

“That’s why I can’t say enough about Taylor because he creates the world on-page, but then he creates this environment that is so creative for the actors, and for me, as a co-creator and a producer, he just believes in you,” he says. “That is something that isn’t a corporation. It isn’t a room of writers. This is one dude. Taylor Sheridan.”

“Yellowstone” fans strongly agree with Dillon’s take on Taylor Sheridan’s work. It looks like Sheridan has another big hit on his hands with “Mayor of Kingstown.”