‘Yellowstone’ Has the Perfect Valentine’s Day Reminder for Difficulties of Love

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” featured one of the show’s most prominent couples in a recent post celebrating the ups and downs of Valentine’s Day.

For most couples, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your love. But for Kayce and Monica Dutton, their relationship is always twisting and turning in new, unexpected ways. And not always for the better.

During “Yellowstone” Season 4, we saw a new dynamic form in their relationship with the reintroduction of Avery. If fans will remember, we met Avery as a stripper at the end of Season 1 who then became a ranch hand in Season 2. She left about halfway through the second season and fans thought we wouldn’t see her again.

But now, it looks like she’s here to say. And stir up trouble in Kayce and Monica’s marriage. The official “Yellowstone” social media account posted a video discussing the new love triangle forming between Kayce, Monica, and Avery last season.

“Happy #ValentinesDay! Love isn’t always easy. Just ask Kayce, Monica, and … Avery,” the show captioned the post.

In the video, we see various clips of Monica being jealous of Avery’s looks and attitude toward Kayce. But the three “Yellowstone stars broke down exactly what that new dynamic means for future seasons.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Discuss New Triangle Between Kayce, Monica, and Avery

Tanaya Beatty, who plays Avery on “Yellowstone,” described where her love for Kayce comes from. “Avery has caught some feels for him. And maybe has had some feels for him for a minute,” Beatty explained. “For my impression, it’s almost like she developed these feelings for this man and it couldn’t work out. So she went back to her family.”

That’s why we didn’t see Avery for a season and a half. Maybe working closely with Kayce when he was unavailable just hurt for her.

“Monica’s not super happy about the way that Avery seems to treat Kayce,” Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce on “Yellowstone,” said.

Kelsey Asbille, the actress for Monica, added, “Monica gets a little jelly. It’s really the first time that you’ve seen this side of her which is just so much fun to play, honestly. It’s a little bit of comic relief, I guess in this very dark world.”

Despite the situation being comedic for viewers, it’s anything but for Kayce. He knows not to push his wife’s buttons by behaving a certain way with Avery. And Avery is smart enough to pick up on his change in attitude.

“He has other priorities, as he should. Which Avery does not like,” Beatty said. “Kayce kind of opens up that vulnerable side. Anything can happen. I don’t know, but I know it’s gonna be interesting.”

Chances are, we’ll be seeing Avery test Kayce’s loyalty to Monica during “Yellowstone” Season 5.