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‘Yellowstone’s Piper Perabo Talks the Return of Summer Higgins in Season 5

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Hispanics in Philanthropy)

Following the return of her Yellowstone character, Summer Higgins, Piper Perabo opened up about the character making an appearance in the show’s fifth season. 

In the Behind the Story clip for Yellowstone season five episode 4, Perabo said that John picking up Summer from the prison was quite an experience. “When John comes to pick me up from the prison, you know it’s kind of an uneven playing field as it is. And now he’s the Governor of Montana, so I don’t think Summer really trusts him at the beginning.”

While speaking about Summer staying on the ranch following her time in prison, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner said, “It’s a fine line if I’m going to have an interest in someone and Beth is in the position of insulting her. I’m not sure that works.”

Perabo then stated that the worst part of her Yellowstone character going to the ranch is Beth being there. “[My character] was hoping that she and Rip would be long gone by now. But they’ve only settled in more permanently.”

Kelly Reilly chimed in with her thoughts about Summer being at the ranch. “There seems to be a lack of communication between the family,” the Yellowstone actress said. “Beth isn’t told that Summer is being moved in by her father. Sometimes I think Taylor [Sheridan] is having fun with all these characters and setting them up to react in ways. To see Beth react to Summer in her kitchen, there’s a light-heartedness to it but there’s also a side to it that’s quite serious for Beth. She really does believe that [Summer] is an enemy.” 

Piper Perabo Talks About Summer’s Interaction With the Other ‘Yellowstone’ Characters 

While speaking to Decider this past spring, Piper Perabo shares details about Summer’s interaction with the Yellowstone characters, specifically the Dutton family. 

“Summer is a very different kind of character than others that have come into the Yellowstone world,” Perabo explained. “She is open and wants to understand the whole picture. She doesn’t need to have it her way. I think fans are going to be excited about the way that Summer’s journey opens up.” 

When asked if the Duttons have found a worthy match, the Yellowstone castmate said, “To match the Duttons is a pretty high level, but I’m proud that Summer will mix it up with them at all. Once you see Kayce jump out of his truck, most people will go running for the hills. I’m impressed that Summer stands her ground on any level.”

In regards to her relationship with Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly, Perabo added, “Kelly and I know each other in real life. We’re friends, which I think can really help a scene like that, because there’s a certain level of trust. Neither one of us is going to ‘stab’ the other intentionally [laughs]. We did have a lot of rehearsal that day in the Dutton house. Kelly knows that space so much better than I do. It took me a minute to get my footing, but it was so fun.”