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‘Yellowstone’s Piper Perabo Teases Love Story ‘Kicking Into Gear’ in Season 5

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Yellowstone” star Piper Perabo made her debut on the Western in an unexpected way. She ended up forming a romantic connection with none other than John Dutton. The duo’s romance proved unexpected for several reasons. For one thing, Perabo’s character Summer Higgins is a good 20-30 years younger than John. Then there’s the fact that he’s a wealthy rancher and she’s an environmental activist. So, it’s safe to say their values are a bit different. And let’s not forget the fact that Beth Dutton hates Summer and manipulated her into getting arrested. But now, “Yellowstone” star Piper Perabo has teased that their romance isn’t over yet.

At a Glance

  • Piper Perabo teases more of the “love story” between John and Summer in “Yellowstone” Season 5.
  • Summer has a serious chance of facing prison time for her actions against Market Equities.
  • If John gets elected governor, this could give him more sway in court and help Summer.

Piper Perabo Makes Big Claims About John & Summer in Season 5

Earlier this week, “Yellowstone” star Piper Perabo spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Season 5 expectations. Specifically, she brought up how her character will still play a vital role in the new season. Especially as things “heat” up between Summer and John.

“The love story is kicking into gear on ‘Yellowstone,'” Perabo told the outlet at the SAG Awards. “I know a lot of people watch it for the cowboys and the ranch, but I watch it for the love story.”

She added, “We’re turning up the heat. It’s been a hard couple of years, let’s turn up the heat for a minute.”

It’s slightly surprising that Summer Higgins will be the one to turn up the heat during the new season. For all intents and purposes, she and John aren’t the best match. And her past threatens his credibility in his run for governor if it ever gets out that they were (are?) an item.

And of course, let’s not forget that John’s adopted son Jamie will do everything he can to ruin John’s run.

John’s Run For Governor Should Play a Huge Role in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

John’s run for governor should be a huge plot point for Season 5. Now, Piper Perabo’s role in the new “Yellowstone” season should be determined by whether the story follows John’s campaign or the aftermath. If he’s elected early on, then we can assume he’ll try to use his new power and influence to help Summer.

But if the season follows his run for governor, then we know Summer’s role will be more harmful than helpful. She’s a weapon that Jamie can use against John, based on her criminal activity. If John and Summer aren’t careful, their “love story” could ruin all the progress John has made to keep the ranch.