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‘Yellowstone’ Plot Line Playing Out in Reality: New Bill Requires Land Be Transferred Over to State Control

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

The hit TV series, “Yellowstone” is basically a land battle when it’s broken down to its bare bones. One family, the Duttons, has a land plot that surpasses 500,000-acres. That acreage has been in the family for 6-generations, but enemies are forever trying to take the land.

Fans of western drama watch in the first two seasons as the Duttons fight off two enemies that partner up. Land developer Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) and Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) join forces to try and take some of the Duttons property. Mr. Jenkins ends up dead, and well, Rainwater switches teams (so we think) and ends up helping John Dutton out in season 3.

In the season 3 finale, the Duttons are targeted once again. As a result, the land is up for debate. A rising foe in the series, Market Equities, is trying to take the land to build an airport. Market Equities involves the Governor of Montana and puts her right in the middle of the argument. As a result, she’s faced with making a business decision. But this choice involves her romantic partner John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Real Life Land Battle Between State and Government

Now, it seems as if this fictional story is playing out in real life. Though, the land battle is between the state and the government, not a private owner and a worldwide company.

According to KGAB-AM650, a bill is being proposed in Wyoming that would demand the federal transfer of land to the state. This bill has been filed in the Wyoming Legislature and is sponsored by four different State Representatives.

This bill specifically calls for the transfer of “federally-owned lands within Wyoming’s borders to the state by no later than the end of 2023.”

To oversee the transfer of the lands, a special state commission would be formed. Furthermore, the site states that national parks, national monuments, military bases, and Indian reservations would be exempt from the legislature.

In Wyoming, the federal government controls over 46% of the state’s total land area, according to the Congressional Research Service.

It hasn’t been decided if the demand from Wyoming for the transfer of federal lands to state control would be successful. Coincidentally, in 2012 Utah passed a similar law. However, the state hasn’t been able to enforce the law on the federal government. It still retains 60-percent control of the land in Utah.

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