‘Yellowstone’s Popularity Has Fans Choosing the Show Over Sunday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo credits: Paramount Network Press)

Ever since Yellowstone aired, it has slowly been picking up viewers along the way and now, folks are picking the show over the NFL. There are few shows or other sports that can even think about trying to compete with the NFL. However, John Dutton has gained a sizeable following.

Since Yellowstone airs on Sundays the decision-making process is real. You can either watch primetime NFL, Sunday Night Football, or see what the Duttons are doing this week. OR who they’re killing. Season 5 seems to have convinced a lot of people early on that it is more important than watching Kansas City and the Chargers play.

Don’t just take it from me, there are fans all over the internet picking sides, and it feels like Yellowstone is winning.

Max here wasn’t alone. There were others that decided they would rather tune into some Taylor Sheridan television to end the night.

Viewers Picking ‘Yellowstone’ Over the NFL

One fan watched the slate of NFL games throughout the day on Sunday. However, after a good day of betting by the look of his green slips, they decided to just pack it in and enjoy some quality drama on TV. That means Yellowstone and John Dutton and Tulsa King.

“Another nice little move on NFL Sunday while I was at the office getting some work done to prep this week,” the fan said. “No reason to play the 4pm slate or the prime time game. I’ll take the win and watch Yellowstone & Tulsa King tonight.”

Another user on Twitter didn’t choose to watch Yellowstone instead. However, their parents sure did. So, we’re going to include this as a win for Team Dutton. It also seems like this family has a lot to talk about at the next all-hands meeting.

“My parents just turned off Sunday night football to watch Yellowstone. For the first time in my life, I think I’m adopted.”

Another fan took some shots at the NFL season and this week in particular. When you don’t get the exciting games that you expected, Sunday isn’t as fun.

“Yellowstone is on after a terrible weekend of football.”

This is a hard call to make. Especially for Outsiders. On the one hand, there was a whole day of NFL football action. There is also only one episode of Yellowstone. However, on the other hand, it is the Chiefs and CHargers and that has the potential to really produce fireworks.

The great thing is, no matter what fans decide to watch tonight they can’t go wrong. When you’re in a win-win situation, no one can lose.