‘Yellowstone’ Posts Ominous Clip of Garrett Randall Talking to Jamie About the Dutton ‘Empire’

by Jon D. B.

What an episode. Relive the moment Jamie’s biological father set his mind ablaze with this ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 3 clip.

Fans have speculated on Jamie’s adoptive origins since the early throws of Season 1. From his father and sister’s behavior towards him, to the fact that he looks nothing like either of them, the lawyer is an undeniable black sheep. As a result, Jamie Dutton is also one of the most fascinatingly complex characters on Yellowstone – and that’s saying a lot.

Needless to say, viewers went into full “I told you so!” frenzies after Jamie’s birth-certificate-bombshell dropped in Season 3. Soon after, things got real interesting when he sought out his biological father: convicted murderer Garrett Randall.

In some of the heaviest foreshadowing Taylor Sheridan has ever injected into his #1 drama, Randall tells his biological son:

“The Yellowstone ain’t a ranch. It’s an empire…Empires you take.”

This scene alone has fans chomping at the bit to see where Jamie goes in Season 4, which we’ll get into below. But first, hear Randall’s bone-chilling words for yourself again courtesy of ‘Yellowstone‘s official Twitter. Then, let’s dive into the full set of dialogue and its implications.

‘Yellowstone’ S3, Ep 10: The World Is Purple

For all his faults and strengths, viewers still cannot decide whether Jamie Dutton is a force for good or evil. Is the adopted son of John Dutton only doing what he feels to be right? Is he only out for himself? Or will he truly become a villain to the family?

As the full scene this clip originates from reveals, it isn’t Garrett Randall himself who is the threat to ‘Yellowstone’ – but the seeds he’s now planted in his biological son’s head. Armed with Randall’s style of “justice” – will Jamie do whatever it takes to secure himself a piece of the family ranch?

Garrett: John Dutton may have raised you, but did he love you, son? Does he love you, now? He loves the goddamned ranch. That’s all he ever loved. You standin’ here in my yard tells me you already know that. I’m your family, son. I’m the only one you got.
Jamie: Everything that I worked for, everything that I thought I was, I’m going to lose. I was raised to run that ranch. I built it into what it is today.
Garrett: Then run it.
Jamie: It’s not mine. It’s not for sale, not that I could afford it.
Garrett: Hell, nobody can afford the Yellowstone. The Yellowstone ain’t a ranch, it’s am empire. Empires you take.
Jamie: I don’t know how to do that.
Garrett: It’s the simplest thing on earth. You kill [John Dutton].
Jamie: I’m not a killer.
Garrett: You never killed? Yeah, you’ve killed. Of course, you’ve killed. You’re a Randall, and killin’ is our only gift.

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 10: “The World Is Purple”

Patricide? Surely Not…

Is Jamie Dutton truly capable of killing the man that raised him as a true father, John Dutton?

Everyone in Montana and beyond is out for John Dutton, it seems. But for most, it is because Yellowstone is his. For Jamie, however – it’s beyond personal. And if history has shown us anything, murder is a personal affair.

Wanting ‘Yellowstone’ is one thing. Wanting your father dead is an entirely different matter. As such, this may give Jamie the strongest motive to move toward “family instincts” and deal with his only roadblock to owning it all.

If Jamie is truly walking this line behind the scenes, then Season 4 will deal with the fallout. We’ll know this Summer when ‘Yellowstone’ returns to Pararmount+.