‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1883’ Built 30 Wagon Trains To Travel Across America With

by John Jamison

Well, “Yellowstone” fans. It seems Taylor Sheridan has done it again. The man who wrote all of “1883” Season 1 has been confirmed as the director of the pilot episode. And it’s safe to say he went all out.

It was recently announced that ViacomCBS gave Sheridan a seemingly blank check for the “Yellowstone” prequel. With Deadline reporting a staggering price tag of $10 million per episode, the set pieces in “1883” promise to blow audiences away.

Perhaps the most anticipated of these will come in the form of wagon trains, however. The Conestoga wagon trains pressing westward into the frontier are the iconic symbols of Manifest Destiny.

And according to 101 Studios CEO David Glasser, Sheridan is treating them with the appropriate significance.

“Taylor is shooting this with 30 wagon trains, going across America,” he said, per Deadline. “The Duttons travel with other families, and pick up other groups along the way. It’s like a moving city. Taylor didn’t want to do it CGI, where you could have built 10 wagon trains and with the world we’re living in today, you could have added 20. We’re taking 30 wagon trains across America, and he’s recreated everything.”

It’s in keeping with Sheridan’s vision for the show. Upon being approached about “1883,” Glasser claims that Sheridan told ViacomCBS how he saw it as an “epic” show.

There’s hardly a more epic image than that of a thousand pioneers traversing the frontier in the 19th century. What’s even more impressive, though, is the fact that “1883” is building it all from scratch.

‘1883’ is Shooting All Over Texas and Montana

Though relatively young, Taylor Sheridan is no stranger to directing gripping action. His work on “Yellowstone” and “Those Who Wish Me Dead” can attest to that. “1883” will be the first true period piece he has tackled in his directing career.

It’s no easy feat, but again, it seems that the sets themselves are up to the task. David Glasser elaborated on the filming locations.

“We are shooting in Dallas, Fort Worth. We’ve built an entire 1800s town in the stockyards of Fort Worth. We’re shooting in Palestine and Guthrie, Texas, and then eventually we get to Montana, to the Dutton ranch by the end of Season One,” Glasser continued.

Don’t worry, fans. The Duttons successfully making it to Montana is not much of a spoiler. “Yellowstone” carries on their story in contemporary America.

And Texas may be more significant to the “Yellowstone” universe than simply a shooting location. Early details about another spinoff, reportedly titled “6666,” suggest a contemporary setting in Texas.

Thad Mitchell of Outsider broke down the details back in May. It looks like the new show may even share some of the “Yellowstone” cast. Whatever the case, Sheridan and ViacomCBS are working hard to expand this universe.