‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’ Casts Timothy Dalton

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage)

Another high-profile actor joins the cast of Taylor Sheridan’s “1923,” and this time it’s former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton. He joins Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and a host of others in the immensely talented cast. The “Yellowstone” prequel is slated to release on Paramount+ in December, but the exact premiere date has not been set yet.

Timothy Dalton joins the cast as Donald Whitfield, a wealthy man with a self-confident air about him and a distinct lack of empathy. He’s nefarious, conniving, and used to getting what he wants. Do we have our villain of the series? Possibly, but nothing is set in stone yet. I certainly won’t be making any assumptions just yet.

Previously announced cast members include Brandon Sklenar, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, Robert Patrick, and James Badge Dale. Additionally, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, Jennifer Ehle, Julia Schlaepfer, and Jerome Flynn round out the cast.

“1923” is introducing a new era of Duttons to audiences everywhere. Taking place during the titular year of 1923, these Dutton ancestors must face Montana during the Great Depression. Pandemics, drought, the end of Prohibition, and violent lawlessness pervade the American west. “1923” will explore how the Dutton family survived those hardships and prospered into the family we know them as now.

Where You Know Timothy Dalton From: From James Bond to ‘Doom Patrol’

Timothy Dalton is most likely best known for playing James Bond in 1987’s “The Living Daylights” and 1989’s “Licence to Kill.” His other credits include “The Rocketeer,” “The Tourist” and “Hot Fuzz.” On television, he appeared on the BBC’s 1983 miniseries “Jane Eyre,” Showtime’s 2014 series “Penny Dreadful,” and currently portrays Chief on HBO Max’s “Doom Patrol.”

He primarily worked in television with the BBC in his early career, making his film debut in 1968’s “The Lion in Winter” with Peter O’Toole and Kathrine Hepburn. He did a series of period dramas and classic literature remakes like “Wuthering Heights” and “Cromwell” in 1970. But, in 1971 he took time off from the screen to focus on theatre.

During his time as James Bond, Timothy Dalton brought a return to the darker, gritter side of the character. This portrayal more accurately matched the character in Ian Fleming’s novels. Dalton took over the role from Roger Moore in 1987. Of his experience in the role, Dalton recalled, “I think Roger was fine as Bond, but the films had become too much techno-pop and had lost track of their sense of story. I mean, every film seemed to have a villain who had to rule or destroy the world. If you want to believe in the fantasy on screen, then you have to believe in the characters and use them as a stepping-stone to lead you into this fantasy world.”