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‘Yellowstone’ Promises Heart-Pounding New Chapter With Season 5, Episode 6 Preview: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

Yellowstone fans are in for another wild ride on Sunday night after the hit Western drama’s social media pages promised an all-new chapter for the Dutton family ahead of season five, episode six. Check out the heart-pounding new preview below.

As we see in the preview, this week’s episode of Yellowstone sees Luke Grimes‘ Kayce Dutton reunited with his father John (Kevin Costner) on the upcoming cattle drive while Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) brings conservationist Summer Higgins to the Dutton graveyard.

“This family’s been here that long,” Summer remarks in disbelief, followed by that long-awaited, and completely vague, line of Monicas’s, “When I say we give everything to this land, I do mean everything.”

Viewers flocked to the comments to share their excitement and anticipation for the new episode.

“I cannot wait!!!” one Yellowstone fan commented. Another shared, “Looks like someone gets hurt or dies [in tonight’s episode].”

As foreboding as the cemetery scene is, there isn’t anything solid in the preview that suggests any of our favorite characters will meet their end. That said, one scene does show Kelly Reilly‘s character and Costner’s over a patch of dirt before Beth removes her hat in shock.

“What happened?” one character says.

Knowing Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, a shocking mid-season death isn’t completely unheard of. Be sure to tune in to Paramount Network tonight at 8 p.m. to see what comes next for the Duttons.

‘Yellowstone’ Alum Reflects on One Villain’s Possible Return

As Yellowstone‘s progressed through the seasons, the villains and adversaries the Duttons have faced have only become meaner, scarier, and even more unrelentingly determined. And while the family has conquered nearly every enemy to cross their path, one former adversary still reportedly alive somewhere in the Yellowstone universe is the season two character belonging to actor Neal McDonough, Malcolm Beck.

The last we saw Malcolm Beck, he was laying in a field bleeding out from his wounds as Costner’s John Dutton sat alongside him. Given the severity of his wounds, many Yellowstone fans believed Beck had died. However, according to McDonough, that’s not the case at all.

“Malcolm Beck is certainly not dead,” the Yellowstone alum said while speaking during a recent interview. “There have been lots of discussions about how you could ever bring Malcolm back if we did…I can’t imagine what Malcolm Beck would be like after he comes back…and [gets] revenge against the whole Dutton family. I just think it would be fantastic television, but we’ll see.”

As of right now, Yellowstone‘s biggest antagonist is Market Equities and, specifically, lawyer and business heavy hitter for the company, Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri). Sarah, the brunette-haired foil to Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton has been pursuing Jamie Dutton, Attorney General for Montana and John’s adoptive son, as a way of getting the company’s construction project back on track. Hopefully, we’ll see more developments on that end during Sunday night’s new episode.